Is that Book Still Stuck Inside You?

New way to write a book image

Imagine getting more leads for your business without working harder.
Imagine having to sell less to close the deal when you’re on the phone with a prospect.
Imagine winning proposals because YOU are seen as the unrivaled expert in your field.
Imagine getting residual income.
Imagine raising your rates and people STILL thinking you’re charging too little!
Imagine you passing your legacy onto your children.

All of those things are not only possible, but likely, when you have a quality book.

Marty Dickinson’s Book Story

Marty Dickinson started offering web services as early as 1996. Clients trickled-in here and there. But, the company’s largest growth happened when he self-published his first book in 2004 titled, Winning the Internet Dogfight (out of print).

Winning the Internet Dogfight book cover

Even before his first round of boxes full of books arrived, Marty got more leads and clients simply by telling people verbally, “My Winning the Internet Dogfight book should be arriving in a few weeks.”

In reply to every email for a quote, he would add to his signature line “Author of the upcoming book, Winning the Internet Dogfight.” And, he would almost ALWAYS win the deal after the proposal was sent!

And, the speaking…OHHH the speaking! How easy it is to get a meeting planner’s attention when you mention you have a book!

Marty went on to self-publish 3 other books that were offshoots of his first. One was an SEO book, another addressed sales copywriting for the web and getting more conversions. The other was about how to earn extra money with affiliate programs.

But, his big break came in 2009 when he was invited by Wiley Publishing to co-author, Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.

Marty Dickinson Internet marketing speaker with both Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies books.

The publisher liked the book so much that they invited the same five authors to write the 2012 edition as well. That had never happened before with a co-authored For Dummies book.

Your Book as a Business Owner is More Important than Ever Before!

At Here Next Year, we believe a non-fiction book is to a business owner what a masters degree is to a corporate employee trying to rise through the ranks of his company. You almost have to have one these days to really be considered a true expert in your field.

Fortunately, books can be conceptualized, created, and produced in a fraction of the time it would take through traditional publishing channels.

Early in 2016, Marty Dickinson developed a new method of producing a book from start to finish…without the author ever typing a word of the manuscript!

From concept to Kindle, the book is completed and ready for sale in as little as six weeks.

We started a new division of Here Next Year to focus all of our book producing efforts. We call it