Get More Website Traffic with the Ultimate Website Traffic Building Plan

What is the first thing that comes to mind as a way to get more website traffic? Most people today believe Facebook ads or YouTube videos are *the only* way to get predictable traffic to a website.

Some might think a television ad during the Super Bowl would be the ultimate website traffic builder.

To be realistic, though, most of us think getting traffic for free from Google’s organic search results is still the way to go. After all, Google will list your website on top of its search results at no cost to you, right? Sort of, but not exactly.

Do You Even Need a Website?

Then there is the growing question whether you even need a website when the internet is already so inundated with content.

I believe the only people who would give up on having a website are those not getting enough website visitors who are capable and willing to buy what is being sold on the website.

With all of that in mind, we need to set your expectations for getting more traffic to your website.

There are Really Only Five Ways to Get Traffic to your Website, Including:

  1. Spending the time yourself to buy traffic online (Google AdWords for example)
  2. Spending the time yourself to acquire free traffic (SEO, JVs, Posting to Social Media)
  3. Pay someone to buy online traffic for you (SEM Management Companies)
  4. Pay someone for their time to get free traffic for you (Social Networking Agencies)
  5. Barter someone’s time for something you can offer in exchange.

With that in mind, there is just no way to say this in a beat-around-the-bush sort of way when we say that…

There is No Free Website Traffic on the Internet Even with Top Search Positions on Google

We too had to discover this fact—the hard way I might add. But, when we did, our eyes were opened to so many new ways for how to approach traffic generation that we would use for years to come for our own projects as well as for Here Next Year clients.

Our Process for Developing 101 Realistic Traffic Methods

  1. Research, discover, and document as many possible traffic methods as possible.
  2. Try all (or at least most) of the methods so that we know what we are recommending to others.
  3. Eliminate those that produce no traffic at all or are just not worth it and keep those that do work.
  4. Rank each traffic method by cost, ease of implementation, speed of implementation, expected ROI, and necessity (some things you just have to do).
  5. Number the traffic strategies into a sequence for implementation.

Get More Traffic to Your Website with this List of Traffic Generators

NOTE: The list of realistic website traffic methods are listed below in alphabetical order. They are not listed in order of preference, ranking or any other order to suggest you should implement one before another.

If you would like a free Excel template with all 101 website traffic listed and prioritized, join our LIFETIME FREE A.C.T.I.O.N. Club.

Get more website traffic and website visitors with this Excel template planning tool.
  1. Acquire Sponsorships for a Virtual Live Event
  2. Add a Postscript to Every Outgoing Email
  3. Add a Voting Script to Your Website
  4. Add Posts to Your Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)
  5. Add Share Buttons to Every Post
  6. Become a Beta Reader for Soon-to-be-Published Books and Supply a Blurb that Gets Added to the Beginning of the Book.
  7. Become an Active Member of an Association
  8. Build and Launch a Supporting Website
  9. Build Opt-in Lists and Send Broadcast Emails
  10. Buy Ad Space on High Traffic Websites
  11. Comment on Other Peoples’ Blog Posts
  12. Conduct a Live Webinar
  13. Conduct a Milti-Day Virtual Live Conference
  14. Conduct and Host a One-Day Virtual Live Summit
  15. Conduct Surveys and Publish Your Statistical Results
  16. Co-op Promotion (Shared Ad Expenses)
  17. Coordinated Book Launch on Amazon
  18. Create a Bonus Area and Invite Book Buyers to Go There
  19. Create a Facebook Group…and Run it Properly
  20. Create a Page of Text Snippets or Written Quotes that Others Can Use to Quote You
  21. Create Video Bytes or Snippets
  22. Deliver Post Cards and Flyers Through Traditional Mail or Handout
  23. Develop a Web-Based Tool Your Potential Clients will Use
  24. Develop Business Cards that Work and Hand them Out
  25. Develop Merchandise Around Your Business
  26. Donate Your Services in Exchange for Publicity
  27. FACILITATE a 1- to 2-Hour Virtual Live Event Where the Only Speaker is an Well-Known Industry Authority (Yes, you can even get highly paid speakers to speak for you for free if you do it right)
  28. Farm it ALL Out
  29. Follow News Stories in Your Niche and Participate in Discussion
  30. Gain Mention on .Edu or .Gov Sites
  31. Get Articles Published in Trade Magazines (Airplanes)
  32. Get Listed in Business or Niche Directories
  33. Get Reviews for Your Business
  34. Get Your Product Reviewed by a Celebrity
  35. Get Your Website Listed in Local Networks
  36. Ghost Promotion
  37. Give Away a Portion of Sales Revenue to a Common Cause
  38. Give Your Ebook or Printed Book Away (Lots of possibilities)
  39. Guest Blog for Others
  40. Guest on Podcasts and Radio Talk Shows
  41. Hire a Website Promotion Coach
  42. Hold a Contest
  43. Host a Virtual Live Meeting or Online Networking Group
  44. HOST Live In-Person Events
  45. Host Your Own Traditional or Internet Radio Talk Show
  46. Improve Your Website’s Architecture
  47. Interview Other Experts
  48. Invite Guest Bloggers to Post on Your Website
  49. Join a Mastermind Group
  50. Join Facebook Groups that Have Promotion Days and Post Your Offer or Link to One of Your Recent Blog Posts Every Week
  51. Joint Venture with Others
  52. Launch a Mobile Marketing Campaign
  53. Launch a Pay-per-Lead Campaign
  54. Live Video (One to Many) Facebook Live
  55. Live Video (One to One) Facetime
  56. Make a Book Trailer Video
  57. – Create Your Own Social Network Community
  58. Offer a Free Workshop
  59. Offer a Video Testimonial
  60. Outbound Intentional Mining on Social Networks
  61. Paid Facebook and Instagram Ads
  62. Paid Google Ads
  63. Paid YouTube Ads
  64. Participate in a Forum or Discussion Board
  65. Participate in Clubhouse Discussions or Co-Moderate Someone Else’s Room or Club (Still iPhone Only)
  66. Participate in Other Peoples’ Facebook Groups
  67. Participate in Virtual Live Networking Groups
  68. Partner with Your Vendors and Suppliers
  69. Pay People to Write Lots of Blog Posts for You
  70. Pay to Appear on Local Television
  71. Pitch Local Media to Cover Your Expert Topic
  72. Premiums (Cups, Pens, Magnets)
  73. Present on Virtual Live Events
  74. Press Release Campaign
  75. Promote and Conduct a Free Live Training Class
  76. Promote to National Media (HARO)
  77. Provide a Video Tutorial for a Software, Product or Process
  78. Purchase Website Ad Space
  79. Register a Domain Name for Your Opt-in Offer Page So it’s Easier to Tell People About Verbally and Easier for You to Remember When Posting About it. (We recommend
  80. Sending Unsolicited Email (Targeted Spam)
  81. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  82. Short-Term Banner Exchange
  83. Showcase Your Website on Your Social Network Profile (Facebook Sidebar)
  84. Solo Ads in Targeted Newsletters
  85. Speak at Live In-Person Events
  86. Sponsor an Association Where Your Website Visitors Participate
  87. Start a Podcast
  88. Start a Referral Rewards Program for Your Services and Let People Know About it
  89. Start a YouTube Channel and Build a Collection of Videos
  90. Start an Affiliate Program for Your Products
  91. Start an Award
  92. Start an In-Person Group
  93. Start and Host a Clubhouse Club
  94. Support Others’ Blogs by Becoming an Active Commenter
  95. Traditional Signage, Banners, Car Markings and Wraps
  96. Vehicle Detail and Wrappers
  97. Word of Mouth Self-Promotion
  98. Write a Column for Trade Magazine
  99. Write and Launch a Book
  100. Write Detailed Posts of High Value and Add to Medium with a Link to Your Website in Your Signature Line
  101. Write or Record a Lead Magnet and Promote it Everywhere

How to Make Your Website Traffic Building Plan with This List

Traffic builders are only words unless you put them to action! So, how can you read through 101 website traffic builders and decide which ones you should begin implementing and in what order? Start a spreadsheet with a column for the traffic building description and then six other columns to the right. Next, add to the columns across the top in the following order:

  • Cost
  • Ease of implementation
  • Speed of implementation
  • Expected ROI
  • Necessity
Then, leave a final column for “Total.” Next, rank each traffic method based on your knowledge and resources to implement. Add the totals and then sort by the totals so that all of the traffic building methods are ranked from lowest total number to highest. The traffic methods on top, you should be able to implement right away. The traffic methods on the bottom of the totals list are those you probably will never get to.

Get Our 101 Website Traffic Building Excel File for Easy and Fast Prioritizing

We have created a very basic Excel file with the most current list of traffic methods already sorted for you by cost, ease, speed, ROI and necessity. Just change any of the numbers based on your experience and resources and then re-sort the list by the Totals column.

PLUS! We will send alerts whenever we add, change or remove a traffic building method on the list…for FREE for LIFE!

Screen shot of where to find the 101 Realistic Website Traffic Methods document once you join the lifetime free A.C.T.I.O.N. Club