Speakers Speak LIVE is a Presentation Practice Group for Professional Speakers (Now in Our 10th Month and Still FREE!!)

Speakers Speak LIVE is a one-hour virtual meeting session held every Wednesday where new and emerging professional speakers get together to practice their presentation and speaking skills and provide immediate feedback for improvement by their peers. You are welcome to sit-in and see how it all works.

This is not a Toastmasters club, an NSA meeting or one-on-one speaker coaching.

Speakers Speak LIVE should not be considered a replacement for either.

But, there are definitely benefits for established and new professional speakers alike to participate frequently in these meetings, including:

  • Showcasing Your Business and Expertise in a Safe and Private Virtual Small Group Setting.
  • Testing New Material to See How it is Received BEFORE Taking it to the paid stage.
  • Receiving Immediate Feedback for Improvement by Your Peers.
  • Challenging Yourself to Improve Using Best Practices.
  • Receiving Honest Feedback for Your Appearance, Sound and Background on Camera.
  • Discovering and Trying New Audience Engagement Techniques.
  • Exploring New Presentation Tools and Getting Tips for Making it All Work
  • Joining a Growing Community of Like-Minded Professional Speakers Who Want to Support Each Other.
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Watch the Video to See What to Expect at Speakers Speak LIVE

Register Once and Attend Any or EVERY Week

The best way to see what Speakers Speak LIVE is all about is to sign-up and attend. Pick a Wednesday that’s good for you or register for every week! Bring all that speaker coaching and experience with you and benefit from the in-depth feedback you’ll receive from participants seeing you speak for the first time.

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How Speakers Speak LIVE Works

Our one-hour sessions are divided into three parts:

  1. Introductions
  2. Showcase Presenter
  3. Feedback for Showcase Presenter

Introductions for Networking and Practice

One of the most challenging forms of speaking is to respond to when someone asks you, “So, what do you do?” Or, “What do you speak about?”

We devote nearly half of the Speakers Speak LIVE session to help you practice and master your introduction over a period of weeks. More than just an “elevator pitch,” you will have 90 seconds for your introduction. 

When you’re through, we will have 20 seconds on the clock for participants to send private messages to you with their thoughts and suggestions for components of your introduction that were particularly effective and anything you might be able to improve upon.

Come back the next week and the next to practice and perfect your introduction.

Become the Showcase Presenter of the Week!

Get ready to showcase your best ten minutes of speech content to the group! Most of our professional speakers participant use that 10 minutes to practice the first section of their 45-minute or hour-long talk.

Others are typically business owners getting into speaking to build their business and preparing for an upcoming Chamber of Commerce speech, online summit or longer association talk.

You are free to use that time to present any content you would like to receive feedback for.

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Feedback Means More than "Great Job!"

We use a round-robin approach when it comes to critiquing the Showcase Presenter of the week. The speaker will give the speech. Then, each participant will have up to one minute to announce one or two things the speaker did particularly well. Then, most of the rest of the feedback involves suggestions for making a good speech into a GREAT presentation.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Our objective is not to beat up speakers with negative remarks! Quite the opposite is true. Remember, this is a “professional” group of “professional speakers.” We are here each week to support each other in professional speaker skills and improvement.

Get Practice as Session Leader

Every virtual live speaking session needs a Session Leader. Some call it the emcee (or MC for Master of Ceremonies), event facilitator or simply “the one who keeps everything running on-time.”

After a participant has been to several sessions and has completed the Showcase Presenter role, the invitation is made to get practice as an event leader by running the Speakers Speak LIVE session. 

Don’t worry. We make it easy by supplying you with a custom-developed program outline and you’ll get all the coaching and support you need along the way.

5-star review and testimonial for Speakers Speak LIVE professional speaker practice group by Dana Sanet Van Breda a transformation speaker

Will We See You Next Wednesday?

Go ahead and sign-up to attend using the registration or RSVP method that works best for you. We post events on LinkedIn, on Eventbrite and on our private Facebook group you are welcome to join. It’s called Speakers Speak GROUP. All are free to register.

Come be our guest. You are welcome!