Willie Jolley Inspires Professional Speakers in Clubhouse Event

Willie Jolley is an inducted member of National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame. He was named “Best Motivational/Inspirational Speaker of the Year” by Toastmasters, Intl. He is a world-class, award-winning speaker and singer, best-selling author and media personality who has been voted as one of the top 5 speakers in the world!

And, he was our special guest on Make Money Speaking in Clubhouse last night, hosted by Lois Creamer.

Here is a series of one-liners as a recap to what Willie shared with us during his hour-long participation with us.

“Make Money Speaking with Dr. Willie Jolley” – Monday, May 24, 2021

  • The speaking business is going to change drastically moving forward, whether it’s fully virtual or hybrid. We have to be able to adapt.
  • The key to longevity as a professional speaker is building your brand
  • Willie Jolley’s definition of a brand: “The piece of real estate that you own in someone’s brand,” it is important that you constantly build that. Through media, speaking, books, tv, music, radio
  • Be willing to use your gift or talent, whatever you do well, and use it naturally to build your brand
  • Brand extension down different avenues helps you reach different types of audiences
  • Speakers need to be creative when they ask for business
  • 5 Steps to Getting Started in the Speaking Business: 1) Join Toastmasters 2) Attend your local chapter meetings of National Speakers Association 3) Order and immerse yourself in Willie Jolley’s course at Youcanspeaknow.com 4) Speak anywhere and everywhere as often as you can. 5) Tell all the people you know you are speaking
  • What is missing from people that prevent them from taking the next step? It isn’t just about the money, it’s the power of the impact. Someone out there is waiting for your story.
  • When one of our guests asked Willie the question, “How can a speaker become as successful as you?” He replied with 4 more tips: 1) Constantly work on yourself (outside and inside), including communication skills, ability to get your thoughts from your brain into your mouth. 2) Work on your mindset. 3) Work on your network. 4) Invest in yourself.
  • Always be like the eagle and not the ostrich. When there is a storm, the ostrich will stick its head in the ground and say wake me when it’s over. The eagle takes flight and perseveres through the storm until he is out of it in order to see the problem. But he can also see down the road. There is a crisis here, but there is good up the road!

After Willie left our Clubhouse meeting, the discussion continued!

Tips from Questions or Comments:

  • Guest Rob Ferre said:
    • Speakers need to listen to the client, listen to pain, and give them the best solutions.
    • When in a virtual setting, engage the chat.
    • Ask people how they like what’s being presented.
    • Ask them questions verbally when presenting and in chat. Monitor the event etc.
    • Most speaking opportunities in the last year have been more breakout sessions for new speakers to get people involved more than keynotes.
  • Nancy Giere was asked about courses and membership sites as another source of revenue:
    • Courses/memberships are the direction we are headed in.
    • Great way to showcase your expertise.
    • Your content you create should be “binge-watch” worthy!
    • The launch is very important: Warm up your list of people. Go out and give people valuable tips before asking to join your program. Launch in levels. Start promoting your offer after that.

Marty will be interviewing Nancy Geire live in Speakers Speak Group on Facebook on Tuesday, June 8 about how speakers can make courses.