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Leapfrog Your Professional Speaking Career with Speaker Theater

Speaker Theater is the new evolution of professional speaker development. Speaking participants develop and practice their 45-minute core speech through a series of presentations to live audiences in a safe and supportive environment. Each phase of practice and refinement culminates with a final full-length presentation at a public event we organize and promote for you! 

  • Get immediate feedback for improvement…from other professional speakers and the audience.
  • Experiment with methods to engage your audience for the entire presentation.
  • Acquire testimonials to use in your promotions.
  • Gain confidence that you have a message people need and want to hear…and are willing to pay for!
  • Move from public speaker to paid professional speaker caliber.
  • Appear current, experienced and more established.
  • Showcase your speech in full-length with a captive audience.

Of course, our main goal is to help you get more of the speaking opportunities you want...faster...and knock it out of the park when you get there!