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Speaker Theater is BACK!

Speaker Theater 2021 is Complete!

Three speakers developed their 45-minute signature speeches under our guidance over a two month period, presented privately to our hand-selected small groups, refined their presentations. When each speaker was ready, we promoted and hosted separate December public events to feature each speaker. Audience members provided immediate feedback and several offered formal testimonials for the speakers to use in their promotions. Once again, Speaker Theater was a success for all involved!

Dana Morgan-Barnes Presented How Kindness Can Improve Your Company's Bottom Line: Improve Your Company's Bottom Line

Dar Geiger Presented How to Reignite Your JOY

Dar Geiger Reignite Your Joy Speech

Sanet Van Breda Presented How to Accomplish Anything...and Everything

Sanet Van Breda mindset speaker

More About Speaker Theater

Speaker Theater is the new evolution of professional speaker development. Speaking participants develop and practice their 45-minute core speech through a series of presentations to live audiences in a safe and supportive environment. Each phase of practice and refinement culminates with a final full-length presentation at a public event we organize and promote. 

Viewers Get...

  • FREE access to new content they haven’t seen anywhere…because our speakers are presenting this content for the first time anywhere!
  • Actionable steps to take immediately…or even during the presentations.
  • Introduction to speakers available for referral or booking to speak at other events.
  • A break from the normal day!

Speakers Get...

  • Experience performing their full-length content to an attentive audience.
  • Confidence that their content is valuable to the audience.
  • Several dry-runs in small private groups before the public event.
  • Coaching by other professional speakers.
  • Testimonials to use in your promotions.
  • Recording for analysis and b-roll for your speaker sizzle reel.

If you are a speaker, our main goal is to help you get more of the speaking opportunities you want...faster...and knock it out of the park when you get there! Click the Go to Speaker Theater Virtual LIVE button to get started.