Here Next Year Can Ignite Your Business Momentum Through Writing, Speaking and Internet Marketing... Keeping You in Control of it All

Use our 6-step A.C.T.I.O.N. system that’s helped hundreds of new speakers, authors, consultants, web agencies, traditional businesses and providers of professional services to get more leads and sales since 1996.

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Who Else Wants More Leads and Sales?

Facebook ads, bots, social networking, SEO, podasts, Instagram campaigns, Twitter... Getting dizzy yet? Stop getting lured into the next shiny object and start using a proven system that works every time.

Attempting to Start Momentum for Your Business Any Other Way is Just Obsolete

Showcase your expertise in a book, get speaking about your topic and use internet marketing to reach your business goals. It's easy when you take one step at a time in the right sequence with the right guidance and support.

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Get Your Book D.O.N.E. Fast!

Your initial non-fiction book content can be done in a week or less… and you’ll never type a word of the manuscript.

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Share Your Expertise from Stage

Use any of 14 types of public speaking to get hot leads for your business and have people begging you to take them on as clients!

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Ramp it Up!

From Websites to CRM, SEO to Social, start using the internet to work with you instead of against you without the overload and time suck.

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