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Today is the best time in history to use speaking to start and build any business. But, you have to take the right steps, at the right time, in the right sequence…and hang around the right people…to make it happen. 

Marty Dickinson the Action Requires Steps Guy holding picture of his mascot, Action

Speaking to an in-person audience or in a virtual live setting is *still* the best way to attract leads for your business...but simply "taking action" isn't enough anymore.

For 15 years, Here Next Year's president, Marty Dickinson, used his picture of "Action" to inspire audiences to "Take Action" with his marketing suggestions. But, times have changed. Today, the only way taking action will get you anywhere is if you are able to find where you are in the growth process and plug-in.

Attempting to Start Momentum for Your Business Any Other Way is Just Obsolete

Showcase your expertise in a book, get speaking about your topic and use internet marketing to reach your business goals. It's easy when you take one step at a time in the right sequence with the right guidance and support.

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