Having a #1 Amazon Best Selling Book Means More than Just What Happens on Launch Day

When Andrew Kap launched his book in November, 2019, his book did not become an #1 Amazon Best Seller until three weeks after launch day. How many authors give up on their book after Day 1 of their launch?

This past Wednesday, I interviewed Andrew about his experiences from pre-launch to launch day to what strategies he’s used since launch day to keep his book, The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read, as a #1 Amazon Best Seller in three categories.

Become an Advocate for Your Book

One of the biggest takeaways from the interview was when Andrew revealed his most important secret of all to getting a #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon: Be a 24/7 advocate for your book. As you will hear in the recording when we got into specifics, that means putting in the time and work to spread the word about your book in ANY way possible.

Benefits of Having a #1 Amazon Best Selling Book

A best seller is a gift that helps you sell more. People are going to be curious and get the book just to see why it’s a best seller. Andrew commented that today is the best time in history to try to earn best seller status. “Do it now,” he says. He continued, “Even if you do not have a book that has reached best seller status, you can still get it to #1 if you start promoting heavily and keep working at it.” Many of the specific techniques Andrew covers in the interview are also included in our technical paper titled,
121 Realistic Methods to Sell More Books Faster.

Watch the Full Interview Recording About Getting #1 Amazon Best Seller and Keeping it Featuring Andrew Kap

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