Speakers Speak LIVE is a Community-Driven Presentation Practice Group for Professional Speakers (Now in Our 2nd YEAR and Still FREE!)

Speakers Speak LIVE is a one-hour virtual meeting session held every Wednesday where new and emerging professional speakers get together to practice their presentation and speaking skills and provide immediate feedback for improvement by their peers. You are welcome to sit-in and see how it all works.

This is not a Toastmasters club, an NSA meeting or one-on-one speaker coaching. Speakers Speak LIVE should not be considered a replacement for either.

But, there are definitely benefits for established and new professional speakers alike to participate frequently in these meetings, including:

  • Showcasing Your Business and Expertise in a Safe and Private Virtual Small Group Setting.
  • Testing New Material to See How it is Received BEFORE Taking it to the paid stage.
  • Receiving Immediate Feedback for Improvement by Your Peers.
  • Challenging Yourself to Improve Using Best Practices.
  • Receiving Honest Feedback for Your Appearance, Sound and Background on Camera.
  • Discovering and Trying New Audience Engagement Techniques.
  • Exploring New Presentation Tools and Getting Tips for Making it All Work
  • Joining a Growing Community of Like-Minded Professional Speakers Who Want to Support Each Other.
  • See reviews by attendees (many are National Speakers Association members).