Virtual Event Concierge: Key Roles Defined

The terms virtual event concierge and virtual events facilitator are becoming more popular in conversation among event planners and hosts. Why? Because attendees of virtual live events expect more when they invest their time, money and focus to watch yet another Zoom meeting.

What is a Virtual Event Concierge?

The virtual event concierge (also known as VEC) is the hired help to make sure the attendees enjoy the best experience possible before and during the event. Speakers are challenged with presenting unique and valuable content in an engaging way. Audience members expect to connect to the event quickly and easily so they can immerse themselves in the content provided by the speaker.

Prevent Catastrophe with an Experienced Virtual Events Concierge

What’s the worst thing that can happen with a virtual live event? The show goes on but nobody sees it. That’s even worse than the show not going on. And, that’s exactly what happened when I attended an awards ceremony to support a friend who was receiving an award for her work at a major corporation.

When I visited the event link to the online event, I was met with a 501 Error page with a white screen. I called my friend and she couldn’t reach the page either! She contacted two other award recipients and they had the same problem.

Her (their) day in the sun, 15 minutes of fame, denied.

When You are the Event Host

If you are in the planning stages of hosting a virtual live event, be sure to leave room in your budget for a virtual live events concierge. Your stress will be removed, if not lowered significantly. And, you’ll wonder why you did not have this person in place at previous events.

Listed below is a summary of notes taken during a Clubhouse session called Make Money Speaking, hosted by Lois Creamer, and co-moderated by RJ Smith and myself, Marty Dickinson.

When You are the Event Concierge

Your main role as the Virtual Event Concierge is to assure the overall event runs smoothly from start to finish. Specifically, you are responsible for:

  1. The attendees: Making sure they understand how to attend the event.
  2. The speakers: Removing distractions from the speaker so that they can focus on delivering content and getting into “the zone” of their presentation.
  3. The event host: Increasing their confidence level that the event will run smoothly.
  4. The attendees: Making sure they understand how to attend the event.
  5. MC (or Emcee): Working the controls of the show in the background so the MC can focus on introductions and transitions between speakers.
  6. The quality of the event production: Assuring internet connection is strong and recordings are pure.

Specific Tasks Performed

Task needs will vary from event to event. Here is a general list of tasks a virtual live event concierge might be called on to perform:

  • Setup (or assist with, guide or oversee) and test the event registration process.
  • Gather names and email addresses from registrations.
  • Be involved with or implement a means to assure each participant knows exactly where they need to be (event link, login assurance) to attend the event, and when.
  • Use email, direct messaging, or texting by phone to assure every registrant is contacted prior to the event and reminded that the event is taking place.
  • Serve as the main technical contact for all attendees if problems should arise.
  • Conduct testing sessions prior to event day with moderator panels and speakers.
  • Evaluate lighting, mic and camera settings for all presenters.
  • Monitor online chat during the event and address (or block) malicious attendees that might disrupt the show.
  • Anticipate potential problems before they arise and have contingency plans in place.

Where Can You Practice Your Events Concierge Skills for FREE?

Your Next Step

The first thing you should do when looking for an events concierge is to make a list of what you would like that person to be responsible for and which tasks you have covered by others on your team.

Then, look within your network for help. Lois Creamer gave a good example of how she helped facilitate a virtual live event for a friend. The next week, the friend became the event concierge for an event conducted by Lois. Consider trading services with people you know and trust.

Of course, there are various job boards and concierge services you’ll find by searching Google for “events concierge.” Just be sure that when you are talking to potential helpers in this field that they have a good amount of experience actually conducting live events.