Come and Join Here Next Year’s New Instagram Page

On our new Instagram profile, we will be posting recaps from each week’s “Make Money Speaking” Club on Clubhouse. It will be the main place that you can be reminded of these meetings, which take place every Monday for 2 hours starting at 7pm (E), 6pm (C), 5pm (M), and 4pm (P).

So far, we have an image that describes the 3 keys to getting started in the speaking business, as suggested by Lois Creamer, Frank Kitchen, and me.

Just today we have added a graphic showcasing Lois Creamer’s famous formula for creating an amazing Speaker Positioning Statement!

Watch for introductions to other speaking clubs on Clubhouse, including one that I just discovered today called Fearless Speaking.

Fearless Speaking is more directed toward people thinking about getting into public speaking and overcoming their fear and nervousness, whereas Get Paid Speaking is all about the professional speaking business.

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