Control = Disaster Avoided

Marty Dickinson getting interviewed by Dana Morgan Barnes about 3 ways to avoid disaster in your business

This morning, I was interviewed on a virtual live hosted by Dana Morgan Barnes. The topic was “3 Ways to Avoid Disaster in Your Business.”

Sure, bad things happen to good businesses just like they happen to good people. The goal of this session was to explore some areas where disaster to one’s business could be avoided.

I'm No Stranger to Business Disasters

When you’re in business for 20+ years, and use the internet as your primary engine for your business, you’re bound to experience some tough challenges.

I’ve certainly had my share in the areas of technology and people.

Maybe more catastrophes than mortal man deserves!

Somehow, I have survived them all and continue to learn how to protect my clients and connections from getting sideswiped by the events that have caught me off guard over the years.

What I didn’t expect to report this morning was how similar the tragedies are today that used to bring business owners to their knees when I got started in 1996.

Domain Name issues like hijacking and getting lured by domain name registrars by offering free or $.99 domains.

Website issues like out-of-date plugins and WordPress version numbers and giant hosting companies becoming magnets for hackers.

World issues lumping Covid-19, civil unrest, an election year, quarantine, distancing, being alone and secluded, and everything else the world is throwing at us to keep our minds negative.

Watch the Recording Here >> to get the suggestions I had for all three issues.

These were all great topics for the 20 minutes or so we had to discuss them and I highly highly suggest you watch the recording of the interview.

Let's Keep the Control Discussion Going!

There’s more to the story when it comes to staying in control.

UPDATE: ON Wednesday, September 2, 2020, I interviewed a true authority on ecommerce for my new Positive People Progressing show.

His name is Greg Jameson and he’s one of the few people I know who started working full-time on the internet before I did…and my first go-live date for a website was February, 1996!

Greg Jameson ecommerce expert and #1 Best Selling author as my interview guest Wednesday, September 2, 2020

What Every Business Owner Needs to Be Able to Do

I asked Greg to write up for me some things a business owner needs to be able to do to keep in control of, specifically, their websites and their ability to take orders online. Here was his response.

10 things every business owner should be able to do in their WordPress website

  1. Add / Edit a new page or post
  2. Upload new photos to the media library
  3. Add / edit users (especially if you have any employees)
  4. Moderate or delete comments
  5. Add new testimonials to the site as you get them
  6. View form entries and respond to contact us forms
  7. Send email blasts to newsletter signups
  8. Keep themes and plugins up to date
  9. Create new Lead Magnets and capture emails from them
  10. Update what appears on the navigation menu

Then, he supplied me with 10 more things every business owner should be able to do with their ecommerce, specifically, using a WooCommerce store:

  1. Write both short and long descriptions that appeal to your ideal customer
  2. Edit product images for a consistent size to be displayed on your website
  3. Add/Edit both simple and variable products
  4. Add images for individual product variations
  5. Designate and display featured products
  6. Create a new product category
  7. Put products on sale and create coupons
  8. Update shipping amounts
  9. Process/ fulfill orders and manage inventory
  10. Run Sales Reports

If You Cannot DO All of Those Things, You MUST Watch My Interview of Greg Jameson!

In this 30-minute interview, which you can watch the recording here, I dove deep with Greg to find out what’s selling online right now and how you can bridge your skills level into a world of selling products online!

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