Rich Hopkins Offers Great Insights into the Value of Public Speaking in a Covid World

When I think of all the professional speakers I know, (more than 200), a few come to mind who set themselves apart in the speaking world.

One of those public speakers is Rich Hopkins.

Rich respects the art of speaking.

Kind of like baseball. You have baseball players and you have people who play baseball. Those that simply play baseball, well, they play the game.

Then, you have the true baseball players. They play the game well, but they respect the game and its traditions and growth through the years. Real speakers contribute to the growth of the art of speaking.

That’s Rich Hopkins. He contributes to the improvement of public speaking in its art form not just as a technique to be mastered in front of an audience.

You can hear it in every speech Rich delivers. You can sense it in every speech given by a speaker Rich has coached.

When I Thought of Public Speaking as the Topic for My 2nd Episode of "Positive People Progressing," I immediately thought of Rich Hopkins.

Rich uses his his own experiences in his speeches as a father of six, an elective amputee, and more than 30 years in sales and marketing.

His competitive streak is evident in his professional and personal life, which was forever documented in SPEAK: The Movie.

Rich has spent over 20 years in front of audiences of every size, from one-on-one to groups of 500+, sharing motivational stories, leading sales presentations, and coaching award-winning (and audience winning) speakers.

Earlier this year, in the midst of the Pandemic, Rich was invited to speak over 125 times throughout the world as part of his personal Zoom Challenge.

How exactly he did THAT was one of the primary discussions we had on our virtual live discussion this past Wednesday.

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