Automating the Internet Components of Your Business is Key to Growth and Survival

For this week’s show, I brought in Gary Jezorski with CloudNet360. We covered a lot of ground in a little over 30 minutes for those starting a business or wanting to do more with their business, but with less people. Topics covered in this show included a bit of history:
  • How CloudNet360 evolved into a business automation software system
  • Why most people approach creating sales funnels incorrectly
  • Why staying organized in your business is so important
  • How to get sales more quickly
  • Automating the process to get more sales without extra work.

Watch the full recording below.


Business Automation is the Key to Selling More Faster

Benefits of Using Web-Based Software to Automating Main Components of Your Small Business

Using web-based automation software for your business has several benefits. Many of them were covered in-depth in my interview with Gary J. Here are a few:

  • No need for multiple subscriptions for components (email broadcast, cart, membership, CRM, project management) when they’re all in one place.
  • No worries about incompatibility between software upgrades when the system all works together.
  • Shorter learning curve for new helpers since all modules when look and feel is consistent throughout the system.
  • Less need for back-end support means more emphasis on sales since the techy components are handled.
  • Streamlined sales process from lead through the customer life cycle means shorter conversion times.

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