Posting to Your Instagram Account from Your Computer is Easy

You’re out and about and see an opportunity for a great photo and what do you do? You take the pic and post it to Instagram with your phone. But, what if you want to post to Instagram with your computer?

You can find many instructional videos for posting to Instagram with your PC or MAC, but most of them are confusing, too detailed, or are just too long to pay attention to or remember the steps.

I finally found a demonstration video I’d like to share with you that is fast, easy to do, easy to remember and is made in 2020…so it’s current too.

Hopefully, this video will inspire you to do a few things:

  1. Post more often to Instagram since you will be able to post higher quality images and photos than what you are able to produce from your phone.
  2. Post thematically, meaning, posting a series of related images that are connected in some way (like I am now posting my Positive People Progressing show episodes).
  3. Promote your Instagram posts more consistently because you will have higher quality imagery to share.

Instructional Video for Posting to Instagram from a Computer Using the Chrome Browser

Quick List of Steps to Post to Instagram from a PC or MAC

Once you watch the video, refer to these quick list steps for posting to Instagram from your PC or MAC

  1. Click the three dots.
  2. Hover over More Tools.
  3. Click Developer Tools.
  4. Click the Toggle Device Toolbar button.
  5. Refresh your screen.
  6. Click the + sign to add a new post.

Let's Connect on Instagram

To be honest, Instagram has not been a main social media choice for me. But, now, with the Positive People Progressing show developing, I have a greater incentive to build out my Instagram feed and include it in my daily marketing. Join me there and I will return the follow.