Don’t Let a Legal Dispute Halt Your Business in its Tracks!

Last week I announced a “mystery guest” and a “mystery topic” for my 5th Positive People Progressing show. I knew if I said, “Come to the show where we’re talking about legal contracts!” I wouldn’t have any viewers.

I mean, who wants to dedicate 30 minutes to listening to an attorney talk about protecting your business and getting paid for your work?


You thought attorneys just talked boring legaleze?

In this recorded session, we’re talking about how to prevent your business from getting stopped in its tracks! And, that should be exciting to every business owner.

Steve and I covered several benefits of having your business protected legally including:

  • Getting paid on-time or at all for services already provided.
  • Reducing refund requests
  • Increasing customer awareness

Protect Your Business from Legal Challenges

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