Introducing our New Weekly Wednesday Virtual Live Event

This past Wednesday, we kicked off a new weekly virtual live event called Positive People Progressing, hosted by our Here Next Year president, Marty Dickinson. 

You Become Who You Hang Around

This weekly series evolved from Marty’s realization that there are three basic groups of business owners right now:

  1. Those who are in the stage of grief, sadness and despair over the impact Covid-19 has had on their plans.
  2. Those who have recently made the decision to move forward by accepting the “next normal,” and
  3. Those who have been experiencing the best sales months in their company’s history.


Our aim is to provide this 30-minute time each week to get you introduced to a person you might not already know who is positive and progressing in her or his business. Wherever you are in the each of the three groups, there is one common denominator: You become who you hang around.

Our First Positive People Progressing Show Guest

Our first interviewed guest was Mitch Russo. Mitch co-developed TimeSlips in the 1980’s and sold it for 8 figures. He later worked with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes to create a $25MM business.

With all the fascinating history and experience Mitch has to offer as an advisor to CEOs around the world, Marty was particularly attracted to Mitch’s positive insights for business owners to succeed despite the challenges of Covid-19.

Marty started off the discussion by asking Mitch, “Why is today still the best time in history to own a business?”

He then asked Mitch a follow-up question that set the stage for the rest of the 30-minute discussion, where he asked, “What still works today that worked before in business and what is different today and going forward that doesn’t work anymore?

The discussion concluded with a detailed, but succinct, discussion involving joint ventures and pitching yourself to appear on podcasts.

All of that in 30 minutes!

And, you can watch the entire recording here. 

At the end of the video you’ll hear Mitch talk about a new ebook he’s launched. We highly recommend you check it out as it provides an actual script you can use to pitch yourself to podcast facilitators, like Mitch. He also cites several sources for getting started with joint ventures. The link to the ebook is listed in the Facebook group. Here’s a link to the exact post with the live version of the video.

Join Us Next Wednesday for More Positive People Progressing!

The benefit of sitting-in on live interviews is that you get to ask specific questions of the interviewed guest. Positive People Progressing is a new show and will evolve over time. So, get in now so you can ask your questions of these amazing guests while there are still only a few followers.

Be sure to watch the recording of PPP episode #2 where Rich Hopkins provided several public speaking tips for a Covid world