Get Speaking Now with These Four Steps

Thank you for attending Marty Dickinson’s Get Speaking Now program to help you start (or continue) using speaking to build your business…or to build your speaking business with more speaking events.

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All you need to do now is ask yourself these three questions to determine where you are in the speaking process and plug into it.

1. Do You Lack Confidence or are You Terrified of Getting in Front of an Audience and Speaking to them?

If you answered “Yes!” to either or both of those questions, we suggest you start your speaking journey finding a traditional Toastmasters club and becoming an active, participating, member. You need to get to the point of enjoying speaking in front of people before you can be compelled to share your message with the world.

If you answered “No,” to both questions, go to Step 2.

Some Toastmasters clubs meet only in person. Some meet only virtually. Some are hybrid (both in person and virtual). Marty suggests finding an in person club, especially if you have never given a speech before or experience severe anxiety when called upon to participate in small group settings.

Remember what you heard in Marty’s program: “When you’re all practicing together, the fear changes to fun.”

2. Are You Comfortable in Front of Audiences and Make Presentations at Work or Starting to (or Already are) Make Presentations to Audiences as an Expert in Your Field?

If you answered “Yes!” to either or both of those questions, we suggest you visit a Toastmasters club that focuses on professional speaker development and corporate presenting. 

My club here in Denver, CO, is called Professional Presenters Toastmasters and we would love to have you visit us as a guest (in-person or virtually) to see how it all works.

Professional Presenters Toastmasters in Denver Colorado

We meet in person every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Miracle Center, 1939 S Monroe St, Denver, CO 80210. We practice longer speeches at our club than most clubs allow, typically 20-40 minutes per speech. Almost all of our members are either professional speakers or use speaking to build their businesses.

On 5th Tuesdays, we usually have a special event or invite a guest speaker from outside our club to share their expertise.

Professional Presenters is a fully hybrid meeting so you are welcome to attend virtually. But, if you’re local to the Denver area, we highly suggest you visit us in person to get the experience of presenting on an in-person stage with microphones and an entire p.a. system as if you’re planning to speak to groups or conferences.

Even if you’re an experienced presenter, remember one of Marty’s favorite sayings: “Speaking is like playing golf. You can practice your whole life and there’s always room for improvement…and the course changes every day.”

3. Want to Use Speaking to Build Your Business and Get More Clients with Ease?

Attend Marty Dickinson’s upcoming LIVE and IN-PERSON half-day “DOShop” (hands-on workshop where you DO, not just learn).

4. Are You Wanting to Learn More About the Professional Speaking Business?

“You become who you hang around,” Marty Dickinson always says.

Once you reach a point where you want to make speaking more a part of your ongoing business, we suggest you join your local chapter of National Speakers Association.

We also suggest you join Marty’s Speakers Speak Group on Facebook and attend  Marty’s Speakers Speak LIVE weekly Wednesday event on Zoom. 

Speakers Speak LIVE Virtual Event 2022

Speakers Speak LIVE is not a Toastmasters club but is a safe place for new, emerging and established professional speakers to get together for practicing their speaking skills and getting feedback from other professional speakers.

There is no cost to attend this Zoom-only, virtual event or participate, but you must indicate an interest in speaking within your LinkedIn or Facebook profile before being allowed into the Zoom room.