Starting a new services business in 2020 is a lot like using a plastic shovel on a beach to build a brick house. You know what the outcome looks like, but don’t have the tools to get the business launched properly. Add the 40 million who have lost jobs due to Covid-19 and most people do not have the financial resources to start a business either. What are your options then?


Over the past couple of months, I’ve seen more discussions in Facebook groups than usual from people wanting help starting a new services business. What’s interesting, is that almost all of these inquiries are from people who do not yet have a service in mind to start their business with.

How can I help anyone to launch a business when they don’t even have the idea conceived yet?

5 Components of Every Successful Services Business that No One Will Tell You

Capability – Everyone will tell you that you need to be skilled in whatever service you provide. I’ll go one step further that if you provide a service with the intent of helping clients to make money, you need to be able to provide your own service to make money for yourself first. Only then will you have earned the right to consult clients how to do the same and get paid for it in return.

Buyability – Enter into a service business where people are already spending money on to get help. Instead of trying to start a business that opens an entirely new service that no one is providing, consider there is a reason no one is providing that service. There is plenty of room to play in any existing services environment.

Broadability – Too many new business owners try to be so unique that they niche themselves down to the point where their target client is too narrow. Marketers have made millions in selling info products trying to convince you to niche your services. Yes, you want to niche to a point but you need to stay general enough so that fringe prospects are not turned off.

Likability – You must be likable in order to provide services for others. If people do not like you, they will never trust you. If they cannot trust you, you will be swimming upstream trying to close a deal. If people do not like the way you look, write, or communicate verbally, you will need to develop those skills before wasting days and months of effort to promote yourself as a service provider.

Expertability – When starting a business, you will find becoming recognized quickly as an expert authority on your topic will become very important.


Want to Play at the Pro Level?

One of the questions to ask yourself as you consider those five services provider facts is whether you are going to start this business of yours on a casual, sort of “rec-league” level, or if you will be going full-boar forward….more like “competitive league.”

You can start a business casually. Just don’t expect the same level of results as fast as someone who has the competitive get-it-done-now instinct and work ethic.

Make 2020 your best year ever! Starting that new business—the right way—is an important step.

Probably the most important traits of the five listed above is Expertability. There are six steps to earning the title of expert in your field and more than 300 of our clients have used over the past 20 years to rise to the top of their field. We call it the A.C.T.I.O.N. System and you can get introduced to it right now by taking our free mini-course called A.C.T.I.O.N. Starter. It’s free!

Break out of that rut you’ve been in and do something different! One small step gets you started with some real ACTION!