If you think business networking doesn’t work and you are just wasting your time attending networking events and passing out business cards, try using LIVE video in your networking efforts. Here are 7 benefits of business networking using live video due to the rise of popularity of using video and live video such as Zoom and Facebook Live.

1. Faster Judgment

They say “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But, let’s face it. When it comes to choosing if you want to get closer to someone on the internet, you will make decisions based on how people look and what they say in their writing. Now, add live video to the list. You can now make instant judgments on people based on the way they look, sound, AND present themselves. This can go in your favor when business networking online by taking the proper steps to present yourself well on recorded video and live video.

2. Emotional Alignment

Along the same lines as faster judgment, live video in business networking allows you to evaluate how a person’s emotions align with yours. You get to read their body language, facial expressions, eye contact and movement, smile, and emphasis on wording to see if that person’s emotions compliment your own. 

3. Language Compatibility

In one of our recent business networking live video sessions, there was a guest who simply could not be understand because his accent was so thick. Networking using video gives you quick insights as to how you can work with someone or even choose not to because your languages might simply not be compatible. 

4. More Confidence in Live Video Technology

The best way to get confident with live video technology is to just do it…and do it often. Live video business networking events are a great way to meet new people and also get practice participating in live video settings. Participants of Here Next Year online networking events have benefited from the repetition of presenting themselves using online meeting technology.

5. Stronger Relationships

Meet someone once at a networking event and you might get a business card. Connect with someone at an online business networking event using live video and you will have a much greater chance of connect with them on social networks and see them on live video meetings in the future as well.

6. More Leads and Sales

Of course, the question always comes up when a person wonders whether he or she should invest the time in getting proficient with live video, ”Will it make me money?!” YES!  We at Here Next Year have personally experienced receiving and giving referrals among our live video business networking session participants. Think more deeply than the obvious, though, as described in the final of the seven benefits of business networking using live video.

7. Opportunity

Probably the most important benefit you will discover about business networking using live video is how much opportunity there is once you are used to live video and it becomes part of your business marketing efforts.

People come on to our networking sessions for the first time and they are at varying levels of  ability to communicate. Some are very novice while others are quite proficient in presenting themselves. Yet, after following a few live video best practices and a few sessions, you can see absolute improvement in video presentation skills in all attendees. 


Business networking using live video is the fastest and most accurate way to decide if you want to work further with a person on a business level. 

How You Can Take Action with Business Networking Using Live Video

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