The Ultimate Checklist for Professional Speakers is Here!

If you’re wanting to use speaking to build your business, or you’ve been speaking for years and are just now gearing up to re-enter the speaking world, you’re going to need to get up-to-date with what successful speakers are doing right now.

  • What should you include in your speaker website?
  • How should a speech be developed for the “professional” stage as opposed to speaking in, say, a Toastmasters club?
  • How do you even come up with a speaking topic in the first place?
  • What is a speaker one-sheet and how should you construct one?
  • How do you even introduce yourself when someone asks you?
  • Should you have a speaker contract and what should you include in it?

These questions and more are all answered in a 10-section checklist for getting started and/or expanding your speaking business.

I’ve built three businesses almost solely from getting on stages and speaking. But, I only consider myself fully knowledgable in a few specific areas of the vast speaking world.

So, I went to some of the best in the industry and put their expertise in the document and this was the result:

List of topics covered in the Get Speaking checklist document
Get Speaking Ultimate Checklist header showing Lois Creamer, Marty Dickinson, Frank Kitchen, Mike Domitrz as contributors

Introducing the Contributors

Let me tell you a bit about why I included such important contributions by these particular people.

Lois Creamer is one of the most sought after speaking business advisors in the world. She has spoken at every National Speakers Association chapter, NSA National Convention and has worked with speakers around the world to navigate the business of speaking.

Mike Domitrz is a long-time professional speaker who got even more busy when the world got shut down by the pandemic. When I interviewed him recently, he had completed well over 100 paid speaking engagements between last summer and this past spring. Mike introduced me to a whole new way of developing a presentation for a Zoom-fatigued audience…and Mike has given me permission to share that format with you!

Frank Kitchen is another highly sought after, and very busy, paid professional speaker. Frank is one of the most detailed planners I’ve ever known in the speaking world. One thing is for sure about professional speaking: You’re going to need to do a lot more up-front planning long before you take the virtual, in-person live, or hybrid stage. When I asked him to send me some questions to ask before getting hired, you won’t believe what he sent to me! It’s all in the Get Speaking checklist.

Too Much for a Blog Post

I decided to add this document to the LIFETIME FREE members area for a few reasons:

  1. Easy updating – I needed one place where I can quickly and easily change the document to an updated version. There are so many changes happening in the speaking industry right now. I need to keep the document itself fluid and changing as best practices change over time.
  2. Intellectual Property – Just being realistic here. This document contains some real information that you would normally have to pay these pros to get. I’m respecting their value by requiring free registration to get access to it. I could easily charge for this, and maybe I will someday. But, once you’re a LIFETIME FREE member, it’s all free for you.

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