Is Review Marketing Part of Your Marketing Mix?

It should be! A few days ago, I published a blog post about the benefits of business reviews in anticipation of my interview with reviews expert, Peter Brissette.

On my show, Positive People Progressing, Peter reintroduced to me the importance of building (and maintaining & monitoring) a solid business review marketing program.

The phrase “review marketing” came into the conversation and I think it’s one you should add to your top-of-mind vocabulary. 

To paraphrase our conversation yesterday, Review Marketing is: a focused effort to research, recruit, manage, monitor…and provide a way to easily add…business reviews for your company.

We talked about review marketing, keeping control of your review reputation (aka reputation management) and review tools.

ALL of that in a 30-minute (no b.s.) down and dirty discussion.

Watch the Entire Review Marketing Interview Video Recording Here

The Hidden Gem of Reviews

See if you can spot the hidden Gem of business reviews that I reveal in a short story during the interview of an experience I had years ago with reviews. It’s a GREAT traffic builder that I don’t even have on the list of 101 Realistic Website Traffic Methods post.

Watch Episode #5 about  business legal protection where my guest was attorney Steve Replin. This is an often neglected topic that could bring your business to its knees if you don’t do it right!

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