Best Non-Fiction Management Book

This Non-Fiction Management Book Could Help You
Get a Promotion at Work or Even Transform Your Entire Company

Management and Business Culture Change Book Produced by Snowy Ridge Books 2019

What Problem Does this Management Book Solve?

If you work for a company and manage people in person or virtually, and you know your employees hate coming to work, this book is for you! If your workers talk behind your back and sabotage your department’s progress, this book could save your career!

How the Author is Qualified to Advise You on This Topic

Management and corporate culture turnaround expert, Jack Zoellner, has served a variety of companies in every level of management responsibility. He has routinely demonstrated the ability to enter management positions and exceed corporate goals within just a few weeks of taking on a new position. Jack had wanted to put his process into a non-fiction book form for the past 20 years, but could never manage to get the words to come out right as he attempted to type them. He also had an interest in getting into professional speaking. He knew outlining his expertise in a book form would help.

Our Publishing Process for Non-Fiction Management Books

A large number of non-fiction management books already existed on the market before Jack came to us for help with his book. Jack’s first step was to convince us that another book in the same genre was needed.

Jack said something close to this: “No book or course, even at the college level, teaches my method for managing a workforce. In fact, management hasn’t changed since the early days of the Industrial Revolution!”

He had us curious, that’s for sure. We started working together to develop his management book’s content. Within a week, the initial manuscript was complete. We knew something special was being created.

Why We Recommend this Management Book

The best part about this book is that it’s not another management “program.” You don’t need to sign-up for a course that adds more to your day or causes you to put in overtime. You don’t need to revamp any procedures your company is already following. You don’t have to buy anything additional or seek permission to start Jack’s suggestions. You can start implementing the steps immediately and see positive results within just a day or two.

Not only did we help to generate the content for this book, but we have implemented Jack’s M.A.G.I.C. method in our own company with favorable results. We highly recommend this management book to any manager of people.