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You Are Approved!

Congrats! If you have been given this page, you have already talked with Marty Dickinson and he has reviewed your website and social media to assure you are a good match for Speakers Speak PRO.

As a recap, we want you to see in writing exactly what Speakers Speak PRO will provide you with so you can make an informed decision to go forward.

There are FIVE parts to this program. They include:

1. Speaking Business Checklist

Lois Creamer, Frank Kitchen and Mike Domitrz, and I have all contributed specific components to what I call:
Get Speaking! The Ultimate Checklist for Starting or Re-Starting Your Speaking Business.

Before you start your first round of calls or emails, or even if you’ve been speaking for years, step one is to make sure you have all of these pieces and parts in place.

Speaker Checklist

2. Group Meeting First Monday of Each Month

This meeting will begin at 9am and end promptly at 10am (Mountain). The agenda for each month may rotate depending on what’s happening in the speaking industry. But, at least a portion of each meeting will include members introducing themselves.

Current members will share their wins from the prior month and general goal for the upcoming month along with any challenges that were experienced along the way so all can benefit.

New members, such as yourself, will be asked to share the following:

A) # of speaking opportunities you want to experience in a year.
B) # of how many people you would like to reach in a year (total audience members).
C) $ value of what that will mean to you by the end of 12 months.

Be ready to present those numbers as part of your introduction to the group on Monday, January 3, 2022, at 9am-10am (Mountain Time).

3. Accountability Partner Pairing

At the time of the monthly meeting, or the day after, you will be paired with your accountability partner for that month.

My job is to get to know each participant so that I can match you both for greatest potential success working together over a month’s time.

Accountability Partner Pairing

4. Password-Protected Resources Area

Lock and key to show password-protected resources area

The password-protected resources area is on the HereNextYear.com website and will be made available to you as soon as you join.

It contains:

*A welcome video with a recap of the five sources of speaking contacts, meeting dates, and how to get started with your accountability partner once you’re assigned to one.

*Specific instructions about what to accomplish on each of the three calls you will have with your accountability partner.

*Additional sources for speaking opportunities beyond the list shown in the welcome video.

*Outbound pitch email formats to send to decision makers who hire or recruit speakers for their events. We will keep adding to this list so you have many angles to choose from and test to see what works for your industry and topic.


*Outbound pitch phone call scripts, which contain much of the same information as email pitches, but with the spontaneity of having to change your message a bit depending on if the person answers the phone or if you have to leave a voicemail.

*More than 20 questions to ask decision makers once you have them on the phone.

*Speaker One-Sheet template and examples for you to use to create (or update) your own.

*25 components every speaker website should have. This 34-page document was generated over many years of my conversing with people who hire speakers. I just updated it in December, 2021.

*Speaking opportunity proposal examples in all three forms: Narrative, Structured and Form Submission.

*Coming Soon: Two types of contracts for you to customize and use as your own. One is for paid engagements and the other is for join venture workshops.

We are continuously adding to this list of resources as needs are requested by our members. So, if there’s something you need specific help with, just ask and we can create document, video or vetted 3rd-party tools.

5. Support by Marty Dickinson

Sometimes, you just want to ask a question, in private, and get an answer from someone who’s in the business of speaking.

Marty can be reached text message by phone, Direct Message (DM) on Facebook or LinkedIn and by email.

He often responds to texts and DMs up until midnight and again in early hours of the morning, and of course throughout the day.

He’s even been known to text with clients while sitting on a chairlift skiing! 

Question on Facebook DM

Does Speakers Speak PRO Get You Speaking Engagements?

No! We are just being honest. Nothing about Speakers Speak PRO will “get” you speaking dates on your calendar. What YOU do with what we provide you access to (in both people and resources), THAT’S what will get you the speaking engagments you’re looking for! And, here’s proof.

Register TODAY and Don't Pay Again Until February 1, 2022!

Get immediate access to everything in the resources area and get started contacting decision makers when you’re ready! We will pair you with your accountability partner after our January group meeting.

Your Charter Member rate is only $97/month for as long as you keep your membership in good standing. Our rates will be increasing in January, so don’t wait too long to sign-up.

Why not just get the payment part out of the way now?