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What is Here Next Year?

Here Next Year is a 26-year marketing agency that chaperones its clients through using a combination of public speaking, writing and internet marketing to get more leads and sales for their businesses.

We have no employees, no office, and no venture capital company making decisions for us. And, that’s how we like it! What we DO have is a vast network of business partner companies who are amazing at what they do. When we take on a new client, the specific tasks are sent to that company to do the job and we keep a portion of the project payment.

The company’s president, Marty Dickinson, has built three businesses by presenting from in-person and virtual stages. He is the co-author of two Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies books and founder of Speakers Speak LIVE, a weekly event where new and established professional speakers gather on Zoom for an hour to showcase their speaking skills and network with each other. 

Speaking Opportunity Procurement Specialist Needed

We currently have several professional speaker clients who need a person to find events for them to speak at and make the first contact. We are not looking for a booking agent or speakers bureau, but someone who enjoys the administrative function of researching websites and lists for contact information, entering them into a CRM (Contact Relationship Management) system, and sending inquiry emails or completing contact forms on websites.

Specific Tasks Involved

  • Learn everything you can about the speaker client. Watch their speaking videos, read their websites, follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Research databases and lists we already pay for that contain contacts and details for upcoming events.
  • Determine if the events are a good fit for the speaker.
  • Submit Call for Speakers Form for events on behalf of the speaker client.
  • Find company and association websites for the speaker to potentially speak for their upcoming event. 
  • Identify podcast contacts for speakers to appear on as guests.
  • Add contact details to our CRM.
  • Produce progress reports as needed.

Specific Necessities

  • English as first language.
  • 25 words per minute typing speed (Anything less and you’d just have a miserable time hunting and pecking, making it impossible to enjoy doing research tasks on the web).
  • Ability to “get in the zone” and make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.
  • Availability during business hours, Monday through Friday, although, number of days, which days and hours are up to you.
  • Metro Denver-based.

General Requirements

The most important trait we look for in anyone we work with is trust. We do not have the time to watch your every move, but are always here to assist you. Your efforts and profitable project outcomes for our clients are rewarded with more client projects, rate increases and bonuses. Helpers in the past and present who have been highly successful working with us have demonstrated these core traits:

  • Obsession to detail. This trait cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t.
  • Grammar basics: We are a professional services company and need to demonstrate professionalism in all of our written communications.
  • Positive personality and pleasant voice.
  • Quiet work environment at home.
  • Intolerance of delay: If you’re someone who gets upset when people you work with do not complete their assigned tasks on-time, you will fit in well to the overall culture of our company. We have a strong reputation for getting tasks completed on-time and with accuracy.

What to Do Next

If you feel you are the take-charge person we need, then the next step is some communication back and forth by email with Marty Dickinson at SpeakEveryWeek@gmail.com and eventually a phone call.