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Speakers Speak LIVE RSVP Received

Your RSVP has been received!

Good job making room on your calendar for attending our one-hour Speakers Speak LIVE!

This could be some of the most important time each week that you choose to invest in yourself toward improving your professional speaking skills.

Speakers Speak LIVE graphic showing one of the first episodes of virtual live professional speaking practice event

We will begin promptly at the following times:

12 Noon (Eastern)
11 am (Central)
10 am (Mountain)
9 am (Pacific)

We will be rotating virtual meeting systems so be sure to always watch for email each week so that will include the Meeting ID and/or link.

We look forward to “seeing” you in the virtual live meeting room so be sure to have your camera on and your sound up so that we can see and hear you.

See you there!

Marty Dickinson
Founder: Speakers Speak LIVE and Speakers Speak Group.