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Apply to Speak at Speaker Theater

Speakers Wanted! We are now accepting applications for our next Speaker Theater in February 2020. If you have a topic or speaking platform you are trying to build, we want you to speak at an upcoming Speaker Theater event! If February is too soon for you, that’s fine too. Submit the application form anyway and we will consider you for a future event when you are closer to being ready.

What Will You Get?

  • A live and supportive audience that truly enjoys watching presentations and participating.
  • Video recording of your entire presentation so you can use snippets and cuts for your own promotion.
  • A speaker demo reel to showcase on the home page of your website and in multiple promotional forms like a movie company uses a movie trailer to attract movie-goers.
  • Professional photos of you on-stage in front of a live audience.
  • Immediate critique for improvement from the audience while you’re still standing on stage!
  • Written testimonials and 5-star ratings by audience members that you can use in your promotions.
  • Industry recognition that you have spoken on a professional event stage.
  • Visibility to people who hire speakers.
  • Practice speaking in a “hybrid” environment to give you experience engaging both a live in-person audience AND virtual live audience…at the same time.

Complete the Speaker Application Form with Confidence!

Remember. Speaker Theater’s purpose is NOT to pick and choose the best speakers to make the audiences happy. Speaker Theater IS and event designed to give new and emerging speakers experience speaking in front of a group larger than what they are used to.  So, apply in confidence! You very well could be selected to speak at the next Speaker Theater event or one in the near future.