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Supporting Links for Lois Creamer’s Presentation

Article About Speaker One-Sheets – Lois was featured in National Speakers Association’s, “Speaker” magazine with this visual description of the many components of a good one-sheet. 

Pre-Program Questionnaire – 15 Questions to Ask When Discussing a Potential Speaking Opportunity. (Marty note: I printed these questions on a piece of paper and then taped to my computer so I never have to remember to ask every question or the sequence to ask them.)

Lois Creamer’s One-Sheet

Link to Lois’ “Make Money Speaking” club on Clubhouse – If you are already on Clubhouse, visit this URL with your iPhone or iPad and join or follow the club.https://www.joinclubhouse.com/club/make-money-speaking or click the “Clubs” tab inside Clubhouse and search “make money speaking.”

You can also follow Lois on Clubhouse directly @loiscreamer

Some more Lois Links for You:

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Facebook >> – This is where you’ll see the most frequent posting for the upcoming Five Day Clarity to Cash Challenge with Lois Creamer and Gina Carr (to start April 12). 

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