Web-based email is a popular (and highly recommended!) means of managing your email…without the email being brought over to your computer. Using web-based email is a great way to reduce your potential for computer viruses and keep your disk space storage low.

If you currently go to a specific URL on the web to look at your email, you are already using a web-based email platform. Gmail, Yahoo! Hotmail are all examples of web-based email platforms. Since they all have specific setup instructions, we provided screens for them on other individual pages.

If you have your email stored on the same server as your website is hosted, you probably have web-based email capability. You might need to contact your hosting company to find out how to whitelist emails within their system. But, beyond those big companies listed above, you’ll find most have a similar setup to the one we here at Here Next Year, which goes like this:

Whitelist webmil email accounts screen 1

There will typically be some kind of Options tab or Settings or Preferences. Click on each of those until you find something related to Spam Settings like this screen:

Whitelist web-based email addresses screen 2

In this case, we would click the Add Email button and a screen would popup asking us to add the email address we want to whitelist. Each, in our case, needs to be added separately.