How to Whitelist Our Email Addresses
So You Receive All Notices

First of all, we’d like to thank you for taking an important step by connecting to us by opting-in to our list. We’ve been in business for 20+ years and have never (nor will we ever) clog your email with unnecessary messages unrelated to the main reason you joined our list in the first place.

Why is Whitelisting Our Email Addresses Important?

Internet companies are putting a lot of effort into blocking unwanted emails for their customers these days. And, rightly so! SPAM is rampant and many people get frustrated by opening their emails every day only to find 20, 50, or more unwanted messages in their inbox. The problem is that your internet connection provider and email host could very well be preventing you from receiving email that you DO want. The only way to increase the probability of receiving our emails is if you whitelist our email addresses.

Whitelisting Our Email Address

To assure you will receive email from us, take a moment to whitelist email addresses we use to send email to our clients and subscribers. The process will probably take you under a minute to complete and it will be worth the effort. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Identify Which Email Addresseses to Whitelist

We use three primary email addresses in any sending of email: – Most of the emails we send using the system mentioned above will use as the “FROM” address, which you will see in your email inbox. – If you have subscribed to our website, email announcements will come from this address.

There is a third email address, which is, which is supplied by our CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Email is sent from this 3rd party email and shopping cart system where all of our customer history is stored and will be automatically included in your white listing process when you follow the instructions for Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo!. If you use Mac Mail, you will need to create an additional rule for

Step 2: Click Your Email Type and Follow the Instructions


Mac Mail

Outlook (2003 & Later)


Website Hosting Company Web-Based Email

Don’t See Your Email Provider?

If yours isn’t here, please contact your ISP’s customer service for their specific instructions. EVERY email host has some method for whitelisting email addresses.

Also, if you use an email client version that is not current, you will likely need slightly varied steps to complete the whitelisting process than these listed above. But, the outcome will be the same.