Would You Build a House Without a Plan?

Or Drive Cross-Country Without a Map?

Or Write a Book Without an Outline?


Then why would you not make a plan for your website before starting to build or re-design one?


Before You Build or Re-Design Your Website

Before you build your website, make a plan for it. Use the Here Next Year Essential Website Pre-Flight Document to Put Your Plan to Paper First


From the Desk of Marty Dickinson

President, Here Next Year, LLC.


Dear Fellow Website Owner,


I’ve made a living from my own websites for 20+ years and built a services business helping more than 300 others with their Internet projects. My #1 mistake at the beginning was not only a lack of planning, but it was down right being against planning. Period!


That all changed after a few thousand dollars disappeared down the drain pipe and about 2,000 wasted man hours were never to be seen again.


I finally realized I had to get my act together. I decided to have my first website re-designed and vowed that my process would be much different. I would make a detailed plan before the first line of code would be written or the first pixel of design was jpg-ed.


The results were amazing.


  • My designer did NOT have to go through 15 revisions to make the design I wanted, even though I really couldn’t conceptualize the concept in my mind.
  • My programmer did NOT come back to me wanting more money because I had not clearly outlined the project.
  • My website development turnaround time was reduced 73% compared to the first implementation a year earlier (based on number of days). Incredible!
  • My website DID appear higher on search engines faster than it ever had before because my pages were optimized as part of the design process instead of months after-the-fact.
  • My website DID convert more visitors to paying customers because I had clearly defined for my designer exactly the kind of visitor I was targeting.
  • My website DID attract and inspire a large enough group of people in under a year that I could claim it as one of the most popular sites of its kind in the industry.


What is the Essential Website Pre-Flight Document?


Where many designers will just ask you to send some photos, a logo, and some MS Word documents full of content, the Here Next Year Essential Pre-Flight methodically takes you through an 18-page process to help you accomplish three things:


  • Save Money – Your designer/developer will be able to quote your project accurately–the first time around.
  • Save Time – You will focus your energy on answering the questions rather than trying to think of the questions you should be asking.
  • Enjoy Faster Return on Your Investment – Various Internet promotion techniques are integrated into the pre-flight process.


How Does the Website Pre-Flight Work?

It’s simple. The Essential Website Pre-Flight is an MS Word document that you download to your computer after your order is placed. Step-by-step, you are to answer the questions related to your company, target market, products and design desires. Print the entire document or answer the questions in-line. With these questions answered, you can easily hand them to any web designer or developer to show them exactly what you’re looking for in a website.


More specifically, the Here Next Year Essential Pre-Flight is divided into these sections:


  1. Basic company contact information
  2. Your intended website strategy
  3. Book description (if you are published or self-published
  4. Business description
  5. Existing website details
  6. Home page requirements
  7. “Mobile Responsive” requirements
  8. Personal website preferences
  9. Audience and prospect profile
  10. Your design and layout interests
  11. Specific page content
  12. Main keyword phrases for search engine optimization (SEO)
  13. Additional components you might not have thought of yet


Of course, that’s a very very basic outline of the process. Our pre-flight will guide you step-by-step through getting those questions answered.  Here’s a visual sample of what you’ll get.



Nowhere Will You Find Anything Like This

If I had to sit down with you to personally go through these questions and help you develop the answers, you would have to pay me more than $1,000 in one-on-one consulting time!


Download the Website Pre-Flight Now


“The Website Pre-Flight helped me to have a better connection with my designer as we were able to work on answering the questions together. The design process was much more of a team effort with us working with the same plan.”

— Mandy Zeigler, EnspritingPress.com


“I didn’t know where I’d find the time to complete a questionnaire, but I’m glad I did. The pre-flight really helped me bring all my thoughts together and actually saved me time in the long run.”

— Jim Moores, TroutMobile.com


“I require my new website clients to complete the Website Pre-Flight because creating a website is not just about design but a variety of marketing pieces that all have to come together for the design process.”

— Sheila Hentges, Hentges Design

Get Immediate Access to this 18-Page MS Word document where you can type the answers, customize the questions, add new questions and save to your computer for distribution to design companies for bids. Just $27!

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We look forward to hearing how our website pre-flight has helped YOU with your project.


All the best,

Marty Dickinson

President, Here Next Year, LLC.

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