Speaking to Associations as Discussed in the Make Money Speaking Club on Clubhouse Hosted by Lois Creamer

Notice: All notes are from Lois Creamer unless otherwise indicated

From Monday, 10/4/2021 Session

Lois’ opening comments: There is a surplus of cash in the bank accounts of associations and pent-up demand for members to get together at association meetings again.

National associations are made up of businesses.
Hotels are being contacted a lot for meetings.

If you are a professional speaker and have not lined up the things you need to apply for speaking opportunities at associations, now is the time to get these items ready:

  1. Positioning statement
  2. Core marketing sheet (one-sheet)
  3. Create a good bio (short, under 100 words and another that’s under 250 words)
  4. Pre-program questionnaire to let your prospects know that it’s not just a canned speech.
  5. High res business photo.
  6. Video showing you on the platform as well as virtual (show experience in both)

There are national and state associations for you to reach out to for potential speaking opportunities.

State associations have 8 or 9 opportunities per year that need speaker.

Key question to ask when you speak to someone who works at a company: “What associations do you belong to?”

Good chance your message could be good fit for association.

Experienced speakers: Go back to your database and send an email asking what associations they belong to.

Why: Everybody in the audience is a potential referral for more speaking.

Ask for an attendee list because it’s your marketing list.

Have an article that you can send to the association that goes a little deeper “id live to send a blog post or article special for your members as a follow up to the event.”

Create an advocate, someone who will refer you and push for you to speak at another (or larger) location or event.

Ask the contact that hired you: “Were you able to attend my program?”
If so, ask, If you think the message was good, would you be willing to walk this (your promo materials) in to a decision maker?”

See if the message would be of use for the business, and follow-up with each person that was in the audience.

Many associations will want you to speak for free. When you hear the request to speak for free, consider this as a reply: “I’m willing to waive my fee for something of value in return.”

At least try to get your expenses paid.

National Associations: Find the “Meeting Planner.” But, know that the Meeting planner doesn’t typically choose speakers. They gather the information to submit to committee that chooses.

When you call an association, and talk to someone who works with events, you will be given an email address to send your promotional materials to, so that you may be considered by the committee for a speaking opportunity.

For an association contact at the state level, ask for the executive director.

Notes from Discussions with Speakers Brought up to the Stage After Lois' Overview of the Theme

Carolyn: Go to LinkedIn and look up the associations and follow them. You don’t have to ask permission to follow them.

Lois Regarding follow-up with associations after you’ve sent your speaker promo information: It doesn’t help to follow up with the meeting planner.

Lois: Preview videos need to show both in-person and virtual.

We have 10 seconds to make an impression.
People want to see you presenting; not an interview, not about what you’re going to do.
They want to see you presenting to people.

They’re looking for you to speak with presence, confidence, and connection with the audience.

Anonymous: Ask for an in-kind letter if association isn’t able to pay.

Lois: Send a contract/agreement every time you speak. Say, “I want everything to be done as if you were paying my fee.”

Dont’ put video testimonials on your sizzle real. Put them on YouTube because bureaus have mentioned they know video testimonials are just fluff.

Thom: Associations are getting more inbound calls now from speakers. 5 a day is common. Approaching saturation. Thom’s rule: “You can’t have paid another similar speaker for the same level talk for the past two years if you are going to expect me to speak for free.”

Lois on asking for a video testimonial: Say, “I would love a testimonial from you. I work with…. Did you find my message to be valuable? Was that your experience?

Regarding video blogging: Suggest at the end: If you’d like to hear more click here and get on my mailing list to receive blog alerts.”