Speakers Speak PRO is Accepting Open Enrollments for 2022

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Speakers Speak PRO is Your Bridge from Casual Speaking to You Getting as Many Speaking Engagements as You Want

By participating in this community-driven group, you will discover how to find speaking opportunity decision makers, be prepared and encouraged to make contact with those decision makers and follow-through the speaking engagement process.

Here's What You'll Get as a Paid Member of Speakers Speak PRO

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Up to 3 One-on-One Zoom Sessions with Marty per Month

Questions about your speaker one-sheet, website, LinkedIn, SEO, video, blogging, finding speaking opportunities, book development, sales copywriting, affiliate programs? These are all topics Marty Dickinson is qualified to guide you through. Sessions are 30 minutes in length, which has proven to be plenty of time to get you on the right track.

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Careful Pairing to Another SSPro Member as Your Accountability Partner

With each new month, you will be reassigned to another partner for that month. The rotation of partners is one of the secret sauces that makes this program work so well!

Together, you will meet once a week (at your own scheduling) to discuss your contact and proposal goals for the week and check-in with each other throughout the week to assure the contacts are made.

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Admission to Each Monthly Full Group Kick-Off Meeting

Start each month right by joining the party! The first half of our meetings is a WINS-FEST!! Share your  wins (discussions, contracts, engagements, performances delivered) from the month before and support and cheer for others’ accomplishments!

The second half of the meeting is live training by a guest expert. For January’s meeting we started at the TOP with Lois Creamer!

[Our monthly meetings are every 1st Monday of the month. They last for just one hour and begin at 11am (Eastern), 10am (Central), 9am (Mountain), 8am (Pacific)]

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Support by Marty Dickinson

Question on Facebook DM

Sometimes, you just want to ask a question, in private, and get an answer from someone who’s in the business of speaking.

Marty can be reached text message by phone, Direct Message (DM) on Facebook or LinkedIn and by email.

He often responds to texts and DMs up until midnight and again in early hours of the morning, and of course throughout the day.

He’s even been known to text with clients while sitting on a chairlift skiing! 

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Immediate Access to an Extensive Online Bonus Library of Resources

Each tool, script and resource is designed to minimize your learning curve by guiding you through:

  1. Speakers Speak PRO Overview Video
  2. Ultimate Get Speaking Checklist
  3. Lions Always Win BOOK (Special Edition for Professional Speakers by Marty Dickinson)
  4. How to Schedule Your One-on-One Sessions with Marty
  5. Your Weekly Objective and Link to Progress Report Form
  6. Accountability Partner Schedule and Call Objectives
  7. Resources for Finding Speaking Opportunities and Decision Maker Contacts
  8. Additional Sources for Speaking Opportunities (+ Dean Hankey Presentation)
  9. Outbound Pitch Email Scripts
  10. Email Subject Lines
  11. Outbound Pitch Phone Call Scripts
  12. Sample Pitch Discussion Call (Role Play with Lois Creamer)
  13. Questions to Ask Decision Makers
  14. What to Send to Decision Makers After You’ve Talked to Them
  15. Essential Reading for Professional Speakers
  16. One-Sheet Sample and Word Template
  17. Speaker Website Checklist
  18. LinkedIn Speaker Marketing Best Practices
  19. Speaking Opportunity Proposals
  20. Guesting on Podcasts
  21. Other Resources
The bonus area is worth an entire year’s worth of your membership! Maybe even more!
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Admission to the Speakers Speak PRO Private Facebook Group!

In just the past week, we’ve added:

  • Where you can get on stage in front of hundreds of people and get video of you speaking!
  • The one section you need to activate and feature on LinkedIn to get corporate speaking opportunities…and most struggling speakers don’t even know it exists!
  • A description of the CSP award (the highest designation given through National Speakers Association) and how you can start now to work toward that prestigious designation whether or not your an NSA member!
  • 5 examples of LinkedIn header images of very busy speakers I know personally and what you can borrow from them for your own header image. 
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Speaker ACCELERATOR with Marty


  • One hour per WEEK with Marty for the first month of your participation to make sure you’re ready to get speaking.
  • Two 1-hour meetings with Marty Dickinson during month 2 of your participation to make sure you’re contacting decision makers.
  • One 1-hour meeting per month ongoing with Marty by phone or Zoom to troubleshoot or brainstorm.

Register Today So You Can be Included in the Next Group Meeting (1st Monday of the Month)

Speakers Speak PRO is growing rapidly! Register now and enjoy your grandfathered rate for as long as your membership remains in good standing.

After your registration is complete, you will be brought to an intake form. Please complete the form immediately after placing your enrollment order.

Mark your calendar for the first Monday of each month to attend our FULL GROUP monthly kick-off meetings. It’s only one hour in length, and starts 8am (Pacific), 9am (Mountain), 10am (Central), 11am (Eastern), on Zoom, to get you charged up to get those conversations going with decision makers.