This Blog Writing Service Provides You with Premium Quality Blog Posts that Attract Website Visitors—Like Geese to Bread—and You’ll Never Type a Word

Geese swimming toward bread like blog post readers visit websites

Toss some bread into a pond and a nearby goose or two will see it and start swimming toward their snack. Geese further off see their friends swimming toward something of interest and they change their direction to see what all the excitement is about. Suddenly, you have a whole flock arriving for their feeding! If you want to see geese close-up (and make some new feathery friends!), all you have to do is bring some bread and throw it in a pond to some nearby geese.

The process is nothing new. And, it will work a hundred years from now just the same. The problem is that most people don’t have the time to go feed geese on a pond! So, they just don’t do it, as much fun as it can be.

Blogging works almost exactly the same way in that you have to:

  1. Consider what content your audience wants to consume.
  2. Assemble it in a way they will recognize it when they see it.
  3. Construct it in a way that they will want to help attract other people they know to it.
  4. Place it in front of the people nearby who will see it whether they are looking for it or not.
  5. Assure they get what they came for.

Blogging has Been Around for More than 20 Years Now but Most People Don’t Do it

Just like feeding bread to geese, attracting your potential followers and customers to your website with quality blog posts will work years from now just like it has for more than 20 years past.

Most people are just too busy to do it.

Introducing: Custom Blog Post Writing Service by Here Next Year

Here Next Year’s custom blog writing service is for established business owners, speakers, coaches, and providers of professional services.

If you are too busy to write, hate writing, or are simply not skilled at typing, our unique approach to content creation for blogs will be worth many times over what we charge for blog writing services.

Good Blog Posts are Essential

If everyone in the world stopped adding new content to the Internet today, only a few days would go by before you would start hearing complaints about the need for more current information.

New methods, new concepts, new angles on current issues are always needed to capture the attention of your potential clients and customers. Refer to one of our blog posts for a list of 2018 Best Practices for Blogging.

Publishing blog posts to your website is still today one of the best ways to attract visitors to your website and showcase your expertise.

Why You Should Avoid Discount House Blog Services

Your professional reputation is too important to farm out blog post writing to 3rd-world countries or discount houses notorious for copying other peoples’ work and displaying terrible grammar and English skills. English is our ONLY language.

Even with the plagiarism dangers inherent with outsourced blog content, there is an even more important reason for using Here Next Year’s custom blog writing service. It is this:

Your Blog Posts Should Read Like You Sound

If you and I were to go to a coffee shop, and I was to ask you a question about your topic of expertise, or a current event happening in your industry that you have an expert opinion about, how would you reply?

Only you can describe the solution to a problem in your words. Only you can use examples and case studies that you’ve experienced. Only you can supply the exact step-by-step sequence someone should follow using a method you’ve perfected over years and years.

So, the question is this: How can we as a service provider generate a blog post for you that harnesses your knowledge in your voice? The answer to that is what makes our custom blog post service unique.

How We Produce Premier Quality Blog Posts

We produce every blog post using our exclusive Talkwriting method. We define Talkwriting as, “Developing high quality textual content by way of a person (the Guide) verbally asking another person (the Source) hierarchical questions from a broad and general nature to narrow and specific, instead of the author physically writing words freehand on a page or typing.”

Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies co-author, Marty Dickinson, calls you on the phone on a scheduled day and time. The entire discussion is recorded and then transposed from audio to text. The content is massaged so that it flows and contains a Call to Action (CTA).

The result is:

  • Higher quality output than what ghostwriters would produce for you
  • Faster turnaround than if you were to write the post yourself.
  • Better results because your blog post is being created by someone with 20 years Internet marketing experience!

Blog writing service endorsement by Gary Cloud of CloudNet360

Package Rates and Options

Same day turnaround is typical. 24-hour turnaround is guaranteed!

Blog post writing services rates

How to Choose the Package that’s Right for You

Give the “Single Post” package a try to see if our Talkwriting method is right for you. If you don’t like the result, we will simply refund your payment and part ways from there. At least you will have a full understanding of this new and emerging process for producing content that is becoming more popular every year.

The Single Post package is also a way for potential book authors, book editors, virtual assistants, and those enrolled in our Talkwriting Certification program to understand our Talkwriting process in a smaller dose than creating a full non-fiction book (one of our other services).

Blog posts produce the most benefit to a business when they are published consistently over time and with high numbers. For example, a website with 100 quality blog posts, published over a year’s time or more, will typically receive more benefit in sustained traffic, readership, engagement and leads and sales potential than a website with only five blog posts that were all uploaded 10 months ago all at the same time.

Therefore, we recommend the 6-Pack package (with the additional post FREE BONUS) providing you with seven complete blog posts. This is the perfect number of blog posts per month to feature.

The 3-Pack package is offered as a no risk, low commitment, way to give blogging an honest try for a few weeks. We can produce the three posts all at once or space the production process over a period of a month. The output duration is up to you.

The Next Step is Up to You

All of our blog packages are prepaid before your Talkwriting session with Marty Dickinson is scheduled. All payments are completely refundable. If we begin working on a blog post and the content does not meet your expectation, we will simply scrap the project and your payment is returned. There is absolutely no risk to you.

If you are ready to get started, simply click the package option below that is best for you and your budget, complete the payment form, and Marty Dickinson will be in touch with you within the hour (or at least within 24 hours) by text message or email to schedule your session.

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