Content Development Services by Here Next Year

Content development services agencies tend to claim they can do anything for everybody. At Here Next Year, we focus on three core components of content development, including Book Publishing, Custom Blog Writing, and Online Business Networking.

Book Publishing without Typing >>

We will work with you to develop what we call a Genuine Expert Method (G.E.M.) and then develop your book content usually in under one week. Best of all, you’ll never type a word of your manuscript. From there, we will complete the finished book for you using our team of six, made up of editors, designers and what we call content noodlers.

Custom Blog Writing >>

The same proprietary method we use for developing book content is used for creating custom blog posts. You will not have to type any words of the blog post. Let us handle it all for you.

Online Business Networking >>

One thing that hasn’t changed in 100 years is the best clients are referred by others we know. Extend your referral reach and network with others online while practicing presenting your business in a supportive environment online.

You Might Think We’re Ghost Writers…But, Our Process is Much Better than Ghost Writing!

Here Next Year president, Marty Dickinson, has coined a term, talkwriting, where he gets to the most minute details of your G.E.M. through deep-dive discussion sessions. The output is higher quality than you would write yourself and is produced more quickly than if you were to use a traditional writing method.

We Partner with Others

If you operate a traditional book publishing house, but your writers are taking forever to produce content for you, we will partner with you to get the content produced. Send a text message to Marty Dickinson directly to discuss your opportunity further at 303-913-4813. He probably will not pick up the phone if you call and your name is not in his phone list. But, a text message will always get a reply and then he will call you from there.

Web-Based Live Video Business Networking

We conduct free networking meetings once per month to help business owners, authors, speakers and consultants to get more comfortable with presenting themselves on video. Register now for free to get alerts for our next live video meeting.

Ask Us!

We stay pretty focused on the few services we provide. After 20 years in business, you can imagine we have quite a vast network of people we recommend for a variety of professional services. We LOVE to refer good people to good service providers. So, send an email to us using the contact form or send a text message to Marty Dickinson at 303-913-4813.