Secure and Private Business Email

Alternative to Gmail for Secure and Private Business Email
Of COURSE Gmail wants you to use their email system to have your domain name in your email address like If they can get you to use their email, they know you will use their email forever! They even sweeten the deal by giving you a low $6-$12/month rate. Who can resist an offer like that?

Having a Gmail account may seem to be one of the necessities in a marketer’s life. But, it could mean disaster for you down the road.

Paid Gmail or Free?

If you use Google Analytics, YouTube and Google Drive (formerly Google Docs), operation between the three runs smoothly when you use a free Gmail email account. So, go ahead. Use the free version of Gmail for your internal management of GA, YouTube and Drive.

For your main business email account(s), however, we suggest using our Secure and Private Business Email because:

  • No one will secretly look at your emails.
  • No one will save, sell or accumulate your email history and use it for advertising or Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • No backdoor password exists for us to login to your emails.
  • No surprise up-charges upon annual renewal.
  • No limits on number of years you can store online emails.
  • No sudden removal of your email accounts.
  • No holding your entire business hostage while support takes their own sweet time to fix a problem.
  • No pop-up ads or advertising of any kind will appear when you check your email.
  • No required white listing to receive email from individuals.
  • No mysterious loss of stored emails.
  • No misdirected emails into “Social” or “Promotions” buckets (a la Gmail) that you never even knew were sent until your CLIENT calls you and says, “Why didn’t you reply to my important email last week?!”

With Our Secure and Private Email, You WILL GET

  • Yes! Access to your email 24/7…even if your website goes down.
  • Yes! Use web-based email viewer and never bring emails with viruses to your computer.
  • Yes! Connect your email to your cell phone, Outlook or Mac Mail.
  • Yes! Store your emails online for years and access them from any computer.
  • Yes! Improve your broadcast email delivery rates.
  • Yes! Retain all of your email in tact when you change your website hosting.
  • Yes! Support by chat, Zoom, phone…whatever is needed!
  • Yes! Support staff speaks English and is American-based.

Works with Any Cell Phone or Mobile Device

When you sync your phone with your iPhone, Android or other mobile device with your secure and private business email account, you will receive the email on that device about two seconds after it hits your main web-based email dashboard.

We have prepared a walk through video for every possible device setup we could think of. Simply watch the video and apply the sequence to your settings or send a text message or call our support for help.

Secure and Private Email for Your iPhone or Android or any Mobile Device

  1. Search for past emails received. The web-based feature of email provides an easy and fast way to manage literally tens of thousands of emails through archiving and deleting emails in bulk. Maintaining only emails you need will reduce the amount of space emails are using on your phone.
  2. Toggle back and forth to see only emails you have not read versus all emails whether read or not.
  3. Send emails quickly and easily from your phone and they will appear in your Sent folder in your web-based email as well.

Protect Your Computer from Viruses with Secure and Private Business Email

The best way to keep viruses off of your computer is to never bring emails to your computer! We recommend viewing all of your emails from our web-based browser. Then, save attached files you want to keep to your computer after they’ve been verified as virus free. Of course, you are welcome to connect your emails to Outlook or MacMail. But, try visiting your webmail first, then deleting unwanted emails, and then transferring the rest to your computer through Outlook or MacMail.

Secure and Private Business Email Web-Based Login Screen

Secure and Private Company Email Secure Login Screen

When you want to visit your secure and private business email account to check email, your first step is to visit webmail.[]. Notice the secure address at the top of the screen and a very basic page with NO advertising to distract you.

Secure and Private Business Email Dashboard

Secure and Private Business Email Dashboard

  1. Secure and private SSL session provides a one-to-one connection between you and your email account assuring you are the only one viewing your emails.
  2. Everyone starts at the smallest and lowest cost email level….which is already set at a higher level of storage than Gmail allows in their business email account limitation.
  3. Retain your sent and received emails for an unlimited amount of years and find them easily and fast through the search feature.
  4. Create custom folders and move emails you want to archive or sort for even quicker access.
  5. Many of our clients store their passwords within our email system because it’s so secure. Optional of course.
  6. The online calendar gives you everything you need to schedule meetings, send invites and reminders.
  7. Change the look of the basic dashboard to a more modern look and feel with one simple click. Let’s take a look!

Same Email…Different Appearance with “Rich Web Mail”

Secure and Private Business Email with a Modern Look

  1. Switch back to the Classic look at any time.
  2. You can manage your email options in both Classic and Rich, such as changing your password, email forwarding, adding auto responses to email senders if you’re out on vacation, spam controls, synchronizing your calendar with Outlook, and adding custom signatures to your email.
  3. Manage your options including adding to your contact list, whitelisting a sender, reporting a sender as a spammer, and various flagging of emails for read, unread, and flagging for follow-up.
  4. You can see how all of your main email directories are the same with the Rich look. They just have a different appearance and you are always able to flip back and forth between the classic and rich web mail dashboard display.
  5. The positioning of the main contact list is in an easy-to-access location using the Rich Web Mail view.

The Only Online Calendar You’ll Ever Need…and Google Will Never Know!

Remember, the whole idea of using our secure and private business email is to keep your business activity away from Google’s watchful eye. One of the most overlooked privacy issues online is the use of web-based calendars. Sure, Google Calendar is a nice feature. But, it also assures Google knows your whereabouts at all times.

With our calendar system, no one sees your schedule of activities unless you invite them to the event. And, that’s how it should be!

Private and Secure Online Calendar for Meeting and Event Appointments

Add and Automate Meeting and Event Reminders

Private and secure appointment and event reminders by email

Our Secure and Private Email for Business is Great for:

CloudNet360 Users and Other CRM Systems and Website Builders
CloudNet360 is an all-in-one web-based shopping cart system with CRM, membership, email marketing and website builder. The one thing CloudNet360 does not supply is email. Here Next Year has used CloudNet360 since its early days as Premium Web Cart and we support its users with our secure and private business email.

Professional Speakers and Authors
Most professional speakers we’ve worked with are either non-technical or just don’t want to spend their time managing technical components like email. They just want to call someone to get their email setup and start sending and receiving. Our 20+ years experience working with National Speakers Association members and authors affiliated with various writing organizations and associations adds to our credibility as a long-term service provider. With a name like “Here Next Year,” you can be assured we will still be hosting email for many years to come.

Business Owners with Website Up-time Problems
If you are hosting your website on shared servers with big EIG-owned conglomerate hosting companies like HostGator, BlueHost, HostMonster or any other company that tries to force SiteLock onto your account (an easy giveaway that the company is EIG-owned), you probably have experienced long periods of time where your website cannot be viewed by the public. If you have email accounts connected directly to your website, your email would probably be inaccessible too. Our email continues to work…even if your website doesn’t.

Victims of Identity Theft, Phishing Scams, and Terminated Accounts
You never think there’s a problem with your email…until you discover there really is a problem! By that time, the hackers or interns who decide to keep or toss your account have already inflicted their damage. With all of our security emphasis, we are realistic. We are not going to promise your email will be hacker free. But, we can and certainly do guarantee no one at this company or the company supporting our email hosting server will be harvesting your data!

Testimonials for Our Secure and Private Business Email

As an added step to our security and privacy promise, we will not provide specific client names using our email system. What we can share are comments we’ve received (mostly by phone or in person) from our actual email users over the years:

“The only time I have to touch my email settings is when I upgrade my phone.”
“It took me a while to dump Outlook at your [Marty’s] suggestion, but my computer really is so much cleaner from not bringing all of that email over.”
“Every once in a while I hear people getting shut down by their email carrier and feel sorry for them for sure. After eight years of using this system, I don’t even think about that happening with me anymore.”
“I used to have to white list every single contact that I wanted to receive email from through my GoDaddy email, or I wouldn’t get the email from them. This email receives all the email I should be receiving without the extra step.”
“Google literally had control of everything. If they ever blocked my email address, my entire business would have been sunk and I was always so nervous about it.”
“My Macbook Pro crashed and my backup file was corrupted. I lost a lot that day but could find a lot of it by going back in my email history.”
“Call me a dinosaur, but I still love my old Blackberry phone and this system works with it. So, I’ll keep it [the phone] as long as I can.”

Super Easy to Get Started

We do not even attempt to compete on price with the large carriers. The suspicious bunch that we are, we wouldn’t be surprised if big email companies offer such irresistible pricing just so that they can get access to your data! Remember, email is that hidden possibility for data sharing that no one is talking about…yet. Just because no one is talking about it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

You can take a much more proactive approach to keeping control of your business email by using our secure and private business email. We charge a flat rate of $9 per month, per email address, with discounts based on additional addresses needed and how much ongoing storage your emails require. You’ll get up to 10 Gb of email storage. When you get close to that amount, only then would you need to upgrade to our next level, which would get you 20 Gb of email storage. And, that oughta keep you set for the next 15 years!

Getting setup with our email is a one-on-one process. Once your order is placed, you will get a phone call from our support to go through the steps to get your email setup. First, let’s get you into the queue, which all starts with your order:

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