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What Exactly is Live for Five?

Live for Five is 5-week program where Marty Dickinson works directly with you to improve your live video presentation skills in a secured, supportive small group of 5 total participants.

How is Live for Five Conducted?

You will meet in our virtual session room from the comfort from your home, office, or any other location where you can access the internet. Each session will be at the same time each week for five consecutive weeks and will last a maximum of one hour. Marty Dickinson is the lead facilitator for each session. You choose the day and time that works best for you.

What Happens in a Live for Five Session?

At each week’s Live for Five session, you will give a short 5-minute presentation with only the other participants in your group as the live audience.

What Topics are Presented?

You can choose any topic you would like to present, but we strongly suggest you practice presenting your business and topics surrounding your industry of expertise. You will receive immediate feedback as to what you did well and areas to improve. Then, you will be assigned specific tasks and objectives for your next presentation the following week.

How Exactly will 5 Presentations in 5 Sessions Benefit Me?

By following the guidelines in the short curriculum and Best Practices we will provide you with, you will be confident in producing live video on your own. The first live video you perform to your potential customers and clients will look like you are already an experienced live video presenter. And, you will be!

One Package Price Gets You All of These!

For Marty Dickinson to conduct five one-hour sessions, a total of 10 hours is worked. His actual time for 10 hours of service time would normally be $1,600. By being part of a small group of 5, you benefit by sharing the cost as part of reduced package pricing. Here are all of the components provided to assure your live video learning is a success.

Sub-head Live for Five "Sessions" Description

At the core of the Live for Five program are the live training sessions themselves. You will meet once per week, for one hour or less, in a private (secure) virtual room from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you can have an internet connection. Only 5 participants are allowed per session. All sessions start and end on-time.

Sub-head Live for Five "Support" Description

Up to 5 hours of Marty’s one-on-one support is provided throughout the five weeks. Questions can be answered and mentoring provided through online chat, texting or phone.

Sub-head Live for Five "Recording" Description

Watching your video performance is critical to your own skills development. After every session we will send a link to you so you can watch your own presentation. We recommend you watch each of your videos seven times for self-analysis and improvement.

Sub-head Live for Five "Objectives" Description

Live for Five provides a structured educational program with the goal of providing you with experience for five of the most important live video presentation types. The presentation skills objectives are different for each of the five presentations you will be making. For example, you use different skills and approaches speaking into your laptop cam than when using your iPhone in selfie position. Each of these skills is provided in a written form so that you can construct your presentation with those Best Practices in mind. Instructional videos are provided to supplement each objective.

 Sub-head Live for Five "Promotion" Description

Promotion to people in your target audience before you hit the “Live” button is important so that your followers had an opportunity to interact with you during the video. We will promote your public live videos to our Here Next Year lists and social networks.

Sub-head Live for Five "Cross Promotion" Description

If you think it will be helpful for us to promote your live videos to our own lists and followers, how about if we encourage OTHER Live for Five members in all of our groups to promote your live video? Members will be happy to contribute to your traffic building because they will look forward to you promoting their live videos to your followers for those topics you feel your followers may benefit from.

Sub-head Live for Five "Guest Presenter" Description

After your completion of Live for Five, we will invite you to be a guest presenter at our live business networking events. Where attendees get only 30 seconds to share their elevator pitches, you will be a featured speaker to the group to present for 5-8 minutes. Plus, we will record your presentation and feature it on our social networks!

Sub-head Live for Five "sessions" Description

Marketing after the video is complete is just as important as encouraging people to watch the video live. You’ll learn how to list your video on YouTube for best SERPs (Search Engine Results Positions). Remember, Marty Dickinson is co-author of two Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley) books. So, you get the added bonus of having a 20-year web marketing specialist in your corner.

Sub-head Live for Five "Membership" Description

Get immediate access to our members area where we store all of our live video files including documents, images, tools, and support videos. You will have access to this area for LIFE! This one component is equivalent to what most people are offering to help you improve your live video skills. Where they are charging, you get this resource FREE as part of the Live for Five package.

 Sub-head Live for Five "Year Support" Description

One thing we’ve learned after participants go their separate ways after initial training is that questions still emerge. New technologies are released. Part of this package includes your ability to get support by text, Instant Messaging (IM), or phone for one year.

Sub-head Live for Five "Certification Bonus" Description

Want to lead a session like Live for Five for your own clients? We’ll provide you with everything you need to get started. Certification requires your presence and participation at two additional sessions. We will prepare an official certificate for proof of certification.

Your Investment TODAY

As you can see, this package deal would be a steal at $2,500. In fact, as Live for Five becomes more popular, that will be the suggested package price for certified instructors offering this program.

But, you are coming into the program at the perfect time while it’s still young and building. Your one-time package price today is just one investment of $997.

We Pay Referral Rewards!

Who do you know that needs to be in our Live for Five program? Send that person our way and you’ll get $100 for every referral who enrolls in our program. You can do that now whether your join Live for Five. But, if you DO enroll yourself and attend the sessions, and THEN refer someone, you will receive a referral reward of $200 instead of $100. Bring in a friend or two and attend the same sessions or different ones and split the rewards or take them out for a nice dinner 🙂

A Note from Your Facilitator, Marty Dickinson

“One of my favorite joys in life is watching people take on a challenge to improve their communication and speaking skills and become rising stars! I’ve experienced that by working with Toastmasters, speakers in National Speakers Association and general business owners too who are simply afraid to be in front of a group and talk about their business. Let’s get over your fear of live video together!”

Watch These Videos to Hear How Participants Have Improved

Example of How Our Participants Support the Development of Other Members

Example of How Even Experienced Professional Speakers Benefit

Example How We Encourage and Practice the Presentation of Our Businesses

Pick the Day and Time that Works Best for You

For your convenience, six different time slots are available. Select the one that works best for your schedule over the next five weeks. New days and times will be added every few weeks, so if you do not see the time and day that works for you, let us know and we just may add a class for that time and day.

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