Make Money Speaking on Clubhouse Summary of Topics Covered

In January, 2021, professional speaking business expert, Lois Creamer, started the Make Money Speaking Club on Clubhouse where new, emerging and established professional speakers connect to discuss topics of interest related to paid professional speaking.

Later that month, I (Marty Dickinson of offered to co-moderate the Clubhouse discussions with Lois. Since then, RJ Jackson has joined us a co-moderator along with Frank Kitchen.

In July, 2021, we started taking notes and adding them here as updates. Come back every week to see current additions answered to each section of the speaking business.

Join Us Every Monday!

The live and open discussion lasts for two hours every Monday starting at 7pm (Eastern), 6pm (Central), 5pm (Mountain), 4pm (Pacific). You are welcome!

How to Join the Make Money Speaking Club

  1. Open your Clubhouse app on your phone or mobile device.
  2. Search “make money speaking” and tap the “Clubs” tab.
  3. Tap” Make Money Speaking with Lois Creamer.”
  4. Tap the “Follow” button.

Make Money Speaking Topics