Will TED Talks Help Your Speaking Career?


There is an ongoing debate whether your investment of time in pursuing TED talks (global) and TEDX (local) speaking opportunities are worth the effort. Will you be able to charge more for your paid speaking appearances? Will performing at TED talk improve your speaking skill?

Some speakers believe once you perform at TED or TEDX, you are forever labeled a TED speaker. Kiss your paid speaking gigs goodbye!

Others have reported gaining attention by people who hire speakers (I call them Speaking Hiring Agents or SHAs) simply because they were able to add TEDX to their signature line and website.

With this post, we will have an ongoing dialogue related to TED and TEDX events along with tips and trends for using them to help build your speaking business. 

Most of the content will be from Clubhouse sessions from my co-hosting the
Make Money Speaking Club hosted by Lois Creamer.

But, I can see other updates being placed here as well as time goes on.

Benefits Participating in TEDX

From Lois Creamer, Make Money Speaking June 28, 2021: You can get some great video from doing a TED talk. Will it help you get paid (or paid more) for traditional speaking gigs? Not necessarily.

Rarely are you speaking in a TED talk with a topic you would get paid to speak about professionally. So, you will probably find yourself investing a lot of time using new material, or content that you haven’t incorporated into your main paid speaking presentations. 

TED Talks are good practice for delivering a short-talk, 20 minute presentation, which some people are asking for in the speaking industry. Try to not share too much of your intellectual property and not too little either. 

Better to concentrate on getting paid for talks rather than spending time focusing on ted talks. If your IP involves that topic you’d give for TED, it might be more helpful.

You may benefit getting coaching from the Ted coaches but you’ll invest a lot of time getting your presentation right and rehearsals. If you’re in the business to make money, you need to concentrate on where you can present to get paid.

Great if you want the experience or to just be able to say you’ve done one.

Know the difference between TED talks and TEDX talks. They are different.

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