How Speakers Can Exceed Audience Expectations

Audiences have expectations when they take the time to listen and watch a speaker deliver a presentation. Speakers love to speak. So, what’s the problem?

Too often, speakers are so anxious to share their story of despair to triumph that they fall short of providing what audiences really need to learn to move forward in their lives, relationships, health and business.

Now add Zoom Fatigue into the mix. For more than a year, most people around the world have been able to see live presentations only through a phone or computer screen. Many have had no physical contact with anyone during that time. Your challenge as a speaker is to take all that into account when it’s your time to take the live and in-person stage again.

I’m often asked “What is a professional speaker?” Or, “How is public speaking different from professional speaking?” You’ll hear a different definition from everyone you ask. My response is this: Public speakers love to hear themselves talk. Professional speakers love to see their audiences transform as a result of what they experience.

A true professional speaker constantly studies ways to meet or exceed the expectations of their audiences. This post will feature an ongoing list of tips and trends you can try in your own speaking!

As Discussed on Clubhouse July 19, 2021

  • It is all about connectivity and relationships right now
  • This is a time where people crave community and engagements