Your WordPress website is the very “heart” of everything you do on the Internet. Proper WordPress website hosting will provide your web marketing program with a strong and steady heart. There are five main ways that HereNextYear website hosting for WordPress is different than the big hosting companies:


5 Ways Our Website Hosting is Different than the Big Hosting Companies


  1. Authorization


    What Big Web Hosting Companies Do: Sign-up is immediate and no vetting is performed. This has become a problem over the recent years as so many spammers are using big hosting companies to launch fake websites or websites that use black-hat marketing tactics. We’ve seen it happen multiple times where one of our web marketing clients (hosting their website with another hosting company) gets their website shut down because of the criminal activity being performed by another hosting client on the same web server until the problem is resolved!


    What WE Do: We accept the hosting order first and then review each website before setting up the hosting account. We know what is being promoted and how the client is promoting those products and services.


  2. Security


    What Big Web Hosting Companies Do: You are very much on your own with big hosting companies when it comes to security. Their backups are incomplete and unreliable. So, if you get hacked and need to restore from a previous day, you’d better have a system in place on your own to store your daily backups. Or, you run the risk of losing your entire website. The big hosting companies have literally HUNDREDS of support tickets PER DAY to troubleshoot related to security, hacking, and malicious code infecting websites and threatening identity fraud with website visitors. The chances that someone in a big hosting company’s support department just dropping everything to fix your website simply NEVER happens. If your site gets hacked on a big company hosting account, be prepared to have no website for up to 3 weeks!


    What WE Do: First of all, our web servers are purposely “hardened” for WordPress to prevent hackers and bad stuff that WordPress hackers do that can infect entire servers through individual websites. Second, we strongly encourage all hosting clients to sign-up for our “Managed WordPress Hosting” package, which involves our own WordPress experts upgrading your WordPress version and plugins every month. This constant updating greatly reduces the potential for break-ins or malicious code from entering your website files and database. If a problem does arise, well, we just restore from backup and fix the problem.


  3. Number of Hosting Clients per Server


    What Big Web Hosting Companies Do: Big hosting companies make their money with sheer volume of websites per web server. And, that means 2,000 to 4,000 or even more per web server. That’s why they’re able to charge $2/month (or whatever) and get away with it. Here’s the problem: Overload too many websites on a server and delivery of those websites to website visitors will be slow for everyone! This is the most typical with GoDaddy hosting. Put one of our websites side-by-side with a GoDaddy-hosted website at their lowest level of hosting cost, and you can visually see the difference in the speed at which the website pages appear on screen.


    What WE Do We only allow 100 websites per server. We call this “club hosting” because you are part of an exclusive club when hosting on our dedicated servers.


  4. 24/7 Monitoring


    What Big Web Hosting Companies Do: – I personally host very minor websites at HostGator, GoDaddy and Dreamhost and have clients that host at BlueHost and 1and1. That pretty much covers the gamut of big hosting companies, wouldn’t you say? The reason I host with these companies is so that I can watch what they’re doing. How do they handle support? How do they approach expected downtime? How do they respond to hardware issues when they arise? Do I EVER talk to the same person twice on the support line? Do I have any clue who the support person is that’s inside my website fixing files? Most importantly, does the support department see and fix a problem before I do? The answer to that last question is NEVER. My website will always be down until either I see a problem my self or if website visitor happens to have my email and sends me notice that there’s a problem. What a horrible way to run a hosting business!


    What WE Do – If some malicious activity is performed at 3am to take your website down, of if a hardware issue emerges, our web server guys will see it happening within minutes to fix the problem before you even know there was a problem.


  5. Ownership


    What Big Web Hosting Companies Do: – Big website companies hold you hostage if you have a payment issue. If your credit card on file expires, for example, a big hosting company will let you know by email. But, if the email goes to your spam folder, you might not see the alert. Or, maybe you’re on vacation and do not check your email that week. Suddenly, your website is suspended.


    What WE Do: I NEVER suspend a website until I have reached you by phone that there is a problem with your credit card. NEVER! I will never take your website down without your knowledge. My hosting clients are way too important to me for that to ever happen. You and I are sort of silent partners in your business. It is my job to keep you earning money through leads and sales with your website so that you will want to keep hosting with Here Next Year for the next 20 years! You own the site. You will always have full access to everything related to your website…even when your credit card expires or something happens where other hosting companies would just lock your account. I choose to work together with my clients to keep their website live while any circumstance along the way gets handled.


Note: We also offer e-mail hosting through our dedicated email hosting server.


Technical Website Hosting Server Specifications

If you don’t know what any of this means, that’s fine. We’re only providing it for people who are comparing specs between hosting platforms. Here’s what we use:


We use cPanel which is the industry leader in linux web hosting control panels. The entire cPanel system runs on CentOS 6 64bit VM under a VMWare ESXi Fault Tolerant Cluster on a fully redundant and high availability network. We use Cisco products from end to end in our datacenter along with FHRP (First-hop redundancy protocols) ensuring high availability of network. The datacenter that hosts the VMware cluster (in Salt Lake City) is located in a Tier 3 facility with SAS70 Type II, SSAE16, HIPAA and PCI compliant certification. It features enterprise-class electricity systems with fully redundant power grids, a robust physical security layer with top to bottom protection for your servers and data, as well as an advanced fully N+1 redundant cooling system. The SLC datacenter network has: Over 3Tbps network capacity Noction intelligent on-the-fly routing optimizations for the best performance Three or more fully redundant Tier 1 bandwidth providers Native IPv6 network design 99.99% Network and Power Uptime.


Website Hosting Pricing Options

Website hosting prices are determined on how much bandwidth (files transfer) you use. Everyone starts out with the Standard level. Then, we monitor usage over the next couple of months. If adjustments need to be made, we will request payment for the next level at a prorated rate to your billing month. Most websites fall within the Standard hosting bandwidth usage area.


  • $179/year – Standard Website Hosting (Up to 10 Gb transfer per month)
  • $379/year (10Gb-30Gb transfer per month)
  • $579/year (30Gb-50Gb transfer per month)


PCI Compliance and SSL

For 3rd party shopping carts, secure membership sites, insurance or financial websites, or for those that just want https in their URL string to get better search positions on Google, we also offer PCI Compliant SSL (Secured Socket Layer) hosting for an additional $350/year:


  • Required “static IP address”
  • Registration of the SSL certificate under your name
  • Activation and setup of the SSL on the server
  • Connecting the SSL with a directory of your choice through FTP
  • Support for the SSL throughout the year (Note that additional fees may apply for custom additions such as installation of 3rd party applications to work with the SSL)


What to do next…


For questions or next steps, please call Marty Dickinson directly by phone or save on long distance fees by using our online chat feature at the top right of this page to chat with him directly. Or, complete the contact form to send him messages by email to get your hosting account started today.