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Web Site Evaluation

A Web site evaluation by HereNextYear staff is a 5-prong approach. We call it the 5PRO. In more than 18 years working with hundreds of Web site projects in most industries, we still don’t claim to have seen it all, but we know enough about what works and what doesn’t that we are able to make recommendations you can rely on. There are three steps to every Web site evaluation:


  1. How is your Web site performing now?
  2. What changes have to occur so that your website converts more visitors to leads or customers?
  3. Where do changes in your SEO need to happen to get your website more visible on Google search?
  4. How could you be using social media to support your existing customers and attract new ones?
  5. Is your website mobile compatible?


How the 5PRO Evaluation Works


Web Site Review Part I – Current Web site performance


At the beginning of your Web site evaluation, we will spend an hour with you on the phone asking you a series of questions related to the performance of your current Web site including:


  • How many sales are you getting each month?
  • How many visitors to your Web site are you receiving to get those leads or sales?
  • Where did those leads or sales come from?
  • What is your newsletter opt-in rate?


We will also run some reports to see how your website is placing in organic search results and review any Google AdWords campaigns you have running. By this time, we will have already diagnosed some areas of improvement for your Web site. But, before revealing them, we like to find out more about your goals.


Web Site Review Part II – What do you want your website results to be?


We will help you to form a realistic game plan for improving your leads and sales using your Web site and the Internet overall, but we first need to find out what your real goals are. This is always an interesting step because you might have a sales number in your mind that conflicts with your marketing budget and certain realities on the Internet. After all, there is no such thing as “free traffic.” You either have to buy traffic, pay someone else to get the traffic for you, or spend the time to create traffic on your own. The key to creating a realistic marketing plan with your Web site is to put our calculation formulas to work. One of these formulas is featured in our Level 1 free membership area if you’d like to check it out. The tool allows you to plug-in your current conversion rate, current visitation and how many sales you are getting. Then, start playing with “what-if” scenarios to determine how many visitors you need to any sales page of your Web site to generate your desired sales amount.


Web Site Review Part III – What competition is standing in your way?


As part of our Web site evaluation, we put even more of our tools to work to spy on your competition. Knowing what your competitors are up to will be helpful when you decide which of our recommendations to actually implement. All Web site evaluations are completed with a written report of our findings and recommendations. So, for every Web site evaluation, you get:


  1. A one-hour phone consult (Value = $160 at standard HereNextYear rates)
  2. The pages of your Web site reviewed by an expert (Value = $200)
  3. SEO report (Value = $200)
  4. Social media engagement and opportunity report (Value $300)
  5. Competitive analysis report (Value = $200)
  6. Written report of findings and recommendations (Value = $300)
  7. One hour phone presentation of findings (Value = $160 at standard HereNextYear rates)


Total Value = $1,520


Your Package Price = Just $995


Your Next Step:


The next step is to just talk about your project with us. Get us introduced to your website and what you sell or promote. We are rather choosy as to the kind of projects we get involved with, so we would like to offer a free consult to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Simply call HereNextYear at 303-913-4813 (leave message or send a text to schedule appointment) Monday through Friday during normal business hours and ask to talk to Marty Dickinson for details. Or, you can also use our online help to talk to Paul or complete the contact us form.