Your website is the very heart of everything you do online. As your website hosting company, it is our role to make sure we provide every possibility for keeping your online heart (the website) as healthy as possible…and pumping business your way 24/7.


Our Standard Hosting Support Program Defined

When you host your website with Here Next Year, our sole purpose is to use the most cutting-edge server technology available so that you can rest in confidence that your website will be visible to your website visitors. We are monitoring our servers every hour of every day for sudden hardware and Internet connectivity issues and if a hardware or Internet connectivity issue arises, we probably know about it and have already fixed it before you know there was a problem.


Beyond Standard Hosting Support

In short, we can no longer support WordPress installations for free (meaning, absorb the costs involved with rescuing WordPress websites when they suddenly do not function properly).


WordPress is a great software for managing content of a website….when they are properly maintained. We have several websites hosted on our Here Next Year servers that are powered by WordPress. Over the years, WordPress installations have become a big target for hackers. One of the main ways hackers penetrate WordPress is by sending their automated scripts through outdated WordPress software versions, themes, and plugins.


In fact, if you have had a new WordPress installation within the past two years, and you’ve never updated your WordPress, theme, or plugins version, our bet is that your website is already infected with some type of malicious code. You just don’t know it. What’s worse, is that your website visitors don’t know it either.


If you choose to support your WordPress website on your own, we cannot be expected to “fix” your website when a virus hits it. If you walk in one day to work and your website is just a blank white page, we will attempt to restore your site from backup. Beyond that, such as asking us to remove, reinstall, and reconnect plugins and get plugins to work with newer versions of WordPress and various compatibility issues that result from WordPress and plugin updates and upgrades, we will need to charge extra for those services.


If an actual virus becomes embedded in the files and/or database of your WordPress website, numerous problems can result. We can usually stop the initial attack. But, we cannot be expected to put 15-25 man hours into removing viral infections from your WordPress code for free or as part of Standard support.


We will offer to review your website, find the problem, and then give you a quote to fix it. But, that charge will typically be somewhere between $500 and $1500. That’s what we’ve been averaging over the past year fixing websites that are neglected by its owners.


Here Next Year Managed WordPress Options

How can we help? We can manage your WordPress installation for you. Once every six weeks or so, we will login to your website, backup all of your files and the database, then upgrade/update all plugins and WordPress versions, test your forms to make sure they’re still working….and most importantly FIX whatever needs to be fixed. We will install the essential plugins to “lock down” and “harden” your WordPress website, making it very difficult for hackers to embed their code.


Is Our Managed WordPress Guaranteed?

When you purchase an extended factory warrantee for your car, the salesperson will offer you a few options. The lower level gets you coverage on major components of the vehicle. Getting coverage from bumper-to-bumper is a much greater cost.


Our Managed WordPress option is the same as an extended factory warrantee. We could offer a bumper- to-bumper insurance package for, say, $5,000 a year or even more. But, we still would be taking too much risk on our end because of the vast amount of problems and unknowns a website can experience. I wouldn’t want to promise you something we couldn’t deliver.


So, the short answer is that I can only guarantee your website will run more smoothly and have very little chance of being hacked.


How Much Does the Managed WordPress Option Cost?

Our managed WordPress hosting should be thought of as a lower-end warrantee and maintenance program for just $500 extra per year over and above your annual hosting fee.


We have great confidence that we will be able to keep your website operational AND virus free.


What to Do Next

If you are already hosting your website with us or are just coming on board, consider adding-on the Managed WordPress option immediately.


Within 24 hours of receiving payment, we will scan your files and database for malicious code and will then go through the upgrading/updating of your WordPress versions and plugins.


Here is a link to the Managed WordPress Option >>