CloudNet360 shopping cart setup services

The flagship component of the CloudNet360 system is its shopping cart. My initial attraction to this system was because of the flexibility and sales process provided by the cart’s order pages. Products can be setup as free and zero-cost items, “pay later” products, recurring charges, full price, retail, wholesale, all with the ability to have time-sensitive sale prices with coupons and time-sensitive sale prices, quantity discounts, or a combination of the two!


With CloudNet360’s addition of custom squeeze pages and a revamped development of the upselling process, CloudNet360 has positioned itself about two years ahead in terms of functionality offered by other carts in its price range. Up-selling can occur before, during and after the initial sale for a fully featured online sales strategy all by customizing pre-designed upsell pages! Sorry, no more need for LeadPages.


With all this power and flexibility at your fingertips, learning to setup CloudNet360 on your own or having someone skilled in the system to help during the planing and initial setup stage is critical to maximize your sales and slash your turnaround time to be live and running. All products have virtually the same components whether you are trying to sell tangible items to ship, ebooks, consulting services or membership. For example, for every item, you will always any combination of the following:


  • Product category.
  • Product name.
  • Price.
  • Set product as free, “pay later,” store front, or to be added to the customer portal
  • Add product description as supplied by client.
  • Choose order buttons from PremiumWebCart system (Creating custom order buttons is a common request and we need to charge $25 per button to cover our design expense plus the coding to get the button to display.
  • Set recurring billing amount, if any.
  • Add product design image such as book cover or product cover (We can design these images for $50 to $500 each depending on complexity of design required but design of product images is an extra cost).
  • Upload digital product where item is supplied by client in ready-to-upload format (We can assist with adding larger products to Amazon S3).
  • Customer design header, footer, sidebars
  • sales funnel.
  • Tags (specific characteristics you want to track related to the customer or purchase) to be recorded in the customers CRM record.
  • Customized “Purchase Complete” pages for each product to guide the customer for next steps or suggest an additional purchase.
  • Link up-sell and back-end sales attempt to another product.
  • Apply coupons or gift certificates


Next Steps

Your next step is to gather a list of the products, services and events you want to sell online and prioritize them based on which products must be live when you roll out your new CloudNet360 shopping cart ordering pages.


The other thing I’d like you to consider is just how many sales of your products and services will be required for every $100 you spend with me. If you spend $500 with me, does that mean we have to sell $500 worth of products for you to feel the project has paid for itself? Or, is that number $5,000 or $50,000?


This answer will help you to create a budget you’re willing to invest as well as an expectation I’m able to consider as your sales goal.


Then, simply call me on the phone at 720-535-9285 to discuss your project. There are just too many variables to suggest I can give you a quote without us connecting by phone.


Marty Dickinson CloudNet360 Platinum Partner and Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies Co-Author

Marty Dickinson is a certified Platinum Parter service provider for the CloudNet360 suite of web-based products. He is also the two-time co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley). Marty realizes you’re not just looking for CloudNet360 setup help, but for someone to help you increase your leads and sales on the web—with less reliance on programmers to run your day-to-day business. Allow Marty’s 8 years of experience with CloudNet360 (formerly Premium Web Cart), combined with his 20 years as a full-time web marketer to work with you to
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