This Free Online Business Networking Event Helps You Meet Business Owners and Get Referrals

Join us for the next Here Next Year live video, web-based, business networking meeting. Not only will you meet new contacts to share referrals with, but we will help you improve your presentation content for presenting your business through live video too!

Best of all, our web-based networking events are always free to attend.

Showcase your expertise, learn from others, network to give and receive referrals, practice your live video presentation skills, promote your business, support others. This online networking group has it all!

The key to improving any kind of presentation skills is, not only practicing, but—PROPER practicing—and receiving constructive feedback for improvement.

Days and times vary so register now before the next monthly event has come and gone.

Deep Dive Networking and Collaborating!

The added bonus to this program is the extensive networking, collaboration and promotion potential. Each member has the opportunity at every meeting to present his or her 20-second elevator pitch. From there, you as a viewer can identify members of the group you should contact to get to know.

If you’ve never been part of a networking group, don’t worry. We’ll show you how!

How Do I Sign-up to Attend?

Register ONCE and you will be invited to every live online business networking event each month. Simply complete the form to join our LIFETIME FREE A.C.T.I.O.N. STARTER CLUB members area.

Not Sure How to Introduce Yourself or Your Company?

Once logged-in to the members area, be sure to put our Elevator Pitch Template to use before attending your first online networking meeting. Use our proven model that we could easily sell for $100 or more! Just this resource alone could be worth literally thousands of dollars in new business for you! Don’t pass it up.

Watch for Monthly Online Networking Event Announcements

On Thursday or Friday before our monthly business networking event, we will start announcing our next scheduled date to members. Meetings usually go 30 minutes in length and sometimes extend to 45 minutes. We start exactly on time each week, so please be professional and be on-time.

Your host, Here Next Year’s Marty Dickinson, will be in the meeting room 15 minutes before the scheduled start times to be sure your connection is working properly.

Too Shy to Attend Networking Meetings?

No one hides in a corner in our online business networking meetings. We will support you and encourage you while you gain confidence presenting your business each month. Meeting new people is a challenge for most! You are not alone if you’re shy or avoid group events. Our supportive group will put you at ease and you will look forward to meeting new people each and every month.

Even if you plan to not attend our live meetings, at least sign-up for the LIFETIME FREE A.C.T.I.O.N. STARTERS CLUB and get access to the documents mentioned.

We hope to see you on our next live video business networking event!