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Marty Dickinson is the president of the Here Next Year Live Video Training Center and lead instructor for our Live for Five Live Video training programs.

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  1. This is a fair and balanced review. Thanks
    Gerry Robert

    1. Thanks for stopping by and adding a comment, Gerry, and I look forward to one day meeting you in person.

  2. Hello Marty
    I was just at their event and I agree with you.. Good information, but they come out to me for like a great design firm selling their services, then a ‘partnership’ as they keep repeating.

    Did you ever write your ”Other ways exist for an author to complete and publish a book that readers see as extremely high value, providing you with top shelf credibility. But, I’ll have to save those for another post.” I’ll like to read it!

    Thanks Guy

    1. There are two main reasons to have the word BLOG in your top navigation. 1) Your website visitors are looking for a blog section on your website because it’s something that is familiar to them and 2) People are looking for your most recent post to find out if you’re still around or if your site has been abandoned. Structurally, a website and blog carry the same html code. They are “the same” in that way even though people in conversation seem to talk about them as if they are two different animals.

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