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Marty Dickinson’s long-time running self-published SEO instructional manual
Getting Brutal with Google was discontinued more than five years ago to prevent conflict with his publisher (Wiley) when he started working on his first edition
Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies book.


On November 1, 2015, Marty began the process of resurrecting, overhauling, and expanding Getting Brutal with Google into a suite of documents and videos to help you get control of your Google search positions again.


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More than just the average ho-hum, “how-to” words on paper, Marty rescues one of his own websites from Google’s search results “toilet” and records his every move on video for you to watch step-by-step. Watch his search positions increase over a period of days, weeks and months until eventually he’s running head to head with the world’s largest competing websites in one of the most competitive industries on the Internet.


Apply what you learn during the process to get higher positions on Google search for your own websites!


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P.S. You may have heard how Google is lowering the importance of having links on other websites pointing to yours. Yet, GOOD links are still good. You always hear SEO experts saying “Get high quality links.” Funny how they never provide you with actual places to go to get them. Marty has accumulated a list of more than “50″ GOOD websites to get links from. Half of them are completely free. The other half have small one-time administrative fees. ALL of them help increase your search positions over time as you will see in Marty’s videos once you sign-up. You will get access to this constantly updated list…for life…at NO additional charge! A value of “at least” $500!


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