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New Mini-Book Product Announcement! Marty has developed a method for getting any and every post of your WordPress website to appear on Google usually within the first page. Heck, just to be safe from skeptics, we’ll say “within the same day,” but Marty’s record so far is the #1 position on Google…in 5 SECONDS!


He’s calling it 5 Seconds to #1 but it’s not a normal released product. It can only be purchased until Saturday night, January 21, 2012. This mini-manual will be part of a much more detailed full-version Getting Brutal with Google manual launching on March 1. But, you can order 5 Seconds to #1 NOW for just $14.



Marty Dickinson’s 5-year running Google SEO book called “Getting Brutal with Google” is going through a major overhaul and will launch March 1, 2012. What used to be a $79 lengthy manual will now be broken up into 3 sub-manuals for beginner, intermediate, and advanced SEO. Sign-up for the A.C.T.I.O.N. Process white paper and the Tuesday Triplet as we will surely be letting everyone know when it’s released.