Welcome to the Here Next Year Video Primer by Marty Dickinson

On this 1 hour, 40-minute video, Here Next Year’s Marty Dickinson will introduce you to the following:

  1. Definition of Live Video and How it’s Different than Traditional Video.
  2. 10 Most Common Live Video Types You Need to Get Good at to Stay Current.
  3. 3 Secrets to Getting Started Successfully with Live Video that Took Us a Few MONTHS to Discover—But, You Get Them in a Few Minutes!
  4. The Two Most Important Best Practices You Can Apply to Your Video Immediately to Help You Look Like a Pro…Even if it’s Your First Live Video!
  5. Introduction to Live for Five—the Only Known Web-Based Resource for Practicing Your Live Video Presentation Skills in a Private, Supportive and Live Environment Over a 5-Week (Crash Course) Period.

Live for Five Sessions are Enrolling Now! Watch the Video for How to Register for Your Choice of Date and Time