Membership site software better than WishList

You’ve heard of WishList, aMember and maybe even Digital Access Pass (DAP) for web-based membership site software tools. But, none can stack up to the power and feature-rich system as CloudNet360. Why? Because none of them seemlessly integrates with a shopping cart, auto-responders, website, project management and scheduling.


Sure, they all have their “bridges” from one system to another, but a bridge between software systems is nowhere close to a system that is fully integrated module for module.


Plus, DAP, WishList and aMember (and gads, do I dare say “custom development” of a membership site) all require extensive setup on the front-end of implementation. We know because we’ve installed all three for clients over the years. And, we’ve always charged a couple of THOUSAND dollars up front for the implementation!


The NEW way of managing your business is to have everything integrated together instead of attempting to manage individual software programs that have to be custom coded or tweaked to bridge with each other.


Marty Dickinson, of Here Next Year, is a certified Platinum Partner of CloudNet360, a product suite produced by Premium Web Cart. The membership component is feature packed with all the drip-feed, recurring renewals, auto-upsells you would expect in stand-alone membership software system PLUS features you only wish were available after using the poor substitutes for a while.


Imagine this….


A visitor to your website opts-in to download your free white paper. The contents of the opt-in is delivered to the CRM without your having to import or export anything! The subscriber receives a newsletter broadcast that you sent though the same system and decides to purchase your offer to join your membership program. Automatically after purchase, the new customer is directed to the member level they chose, and you get an email that the purchase has been made and that all purchase information and history has already been added to the CRM! Now that’s automation!


This is only the beginning!


Whether you have a membership site or are just starting out wondering which membership software software or database is best for you, we strongly suggest you consider CloudNet360.


Chances are good that the entire yearly cost of CloudNet360 will be made back to you in new member sales…the first month! How can we be so confident in this claim? Because of CloudNet360’s affordable cost and also because of its functionality!


Marty Dickinson with Here Next Year has worked very closely with the developers of CloudNet360 to form the perfect web-based membership site software…that’s integrated with a shopping cart, auto-responders, affiliate program, project manager and scheduler all under one roof!


Checkout the 3-part video demo and see if CloudNet360 is right for you. After you watch the video, be sure to contact Marty through the contact form to get his free Quickstart document so that you can be up and running in less than an hour!