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Finally There’s a Web-Based Tool with Detailed Web Marketing To-Do Steps—Already Built-In to a Project Tracking System—Making Even the Most Confusing Tasks Simple Again


With literally hundreds of websites under our influence, it became impossible to keep track of what we needed to do for clients, what we did, and how much time we spent on those tasks. We looked at all the Basecamp-like project management systems, but none of them had the most important part—the built-in Web Marketing worksheets.


So, We Built the System Ourselves!


A few years ago, our programming whiz kids started working on a very crude version of what has become our own internally used project management system. The beauty is that we can:


  1. Activate any web marketing strategy (Pinterest, Kindle, SEO, Google+, Blogging and Many More!!) with a pre-made list of steps that are available at the press of a button
  2. Customize the steps to remove any that don’t apply to a particular project or add new steps that I might have heard at a conference or webinar
  3. Assign a helper to complete the steps by a certain date within a certain amount of time
  4. Instruct the helper with detailed instructions using text or video
  5. Report tasks to the client as complete or in-process
  6. Clone the steps we implemented for one project to another


And, For the First Time Ever, We’re Making This Secret-of-Our-Success System Available to YOU Today!…for a LIMITED TIME


For the rest of the month of March, or until we get our 100th member to sign-up, we’re leaving this system open for public enrollment. You’ll see in the chart at the bottom of the page that Chat Support is included with the Level 2 membership. We only have staffing available to support up to 100 members at this time. So we’re capping membership at that number.


The price you pay today will be the highest price you will EVER pay to use this system. If and when we add more levels, you will forever be upgraded automatically to the higher level with no addition in your monthly membership. That’s our gift to you for giving this system a try early in its launch.


Here’s how it works…


Step 1: Select a Worksheet


We currently have more than “30″ specific web marketing worksheets for your use and we’re adding more each month. The first step is to select a worksheet and assign a name to it so that you can refer to it later. The system is capable of organizing literally HUNDREDS of active worksheets to help you manage dozens or even hundreds of web marketing campaigns. We know, because that’s exactly what we do.



Step 2: Assign People to Accomplish the Tasks and Add More Tasks to the List


  1. This is the name of the step. Feel free to change the wording or add HTML
  2. Add any notes you’d like your helper to follow
  3. Assign which helper will perform the task
  4. Assign how many hours are permitted for this task OR use this area to report on hours the task took to complete
  5. Assign a due date for the task to be completed by
  6. Choose a date when the task is completed
  7. Remove this task entirely from the task list and worksheet
  8. Choose between Task or Quote so that you can use the entire worksheet to get quotes from service providers on accomplishing the tasks and then roll the quote right into an active project simply by changing the drop-down selection (SWEET!)
  9. Select your billing rate for reporting such as full rate, half rate, quarter rate
  10. Print the entire worksheet to PDF with all of its detail



Step 3: Work the Worksheet


Follow the sequence of steps, save your work, and come back anytime to complete and document unfinished tasks.


  1. Click the “i” for Information with step-by-step instructions. We’re working on providing you with video for every step throughout the system.
  2. Add your own notes as you go
  3. Displays which helper is assigned to the task
  4. See how much time has been spent on the task
  5. Assign or change the pay rate for that helper for this task
  6. Check the box to complete the task and assign date of completion



Makes the Complex Web Simple Again


Let’s face it. The Internet has grown so complex that it’s almost impossible to keep up with. You either need to use multiple spreadsheets to keep track of what’s been completed or risk doing the same work over and over. Plus, most people have to go to a bunch of hands-on workshops or seminars to learn exactly “what” to do. But that’s not true anymore starting today.


Get Organized Now!


Once you know what to do to get all the leads and sales you’re hoping for on the web, you must be organized, methodical and consistent in your implementation. For example, we all want our websites to appear on top of Google’s search results, right? Did you know there are more than 100 actual implementation steps to go through for standard SEO? And, there’s even a sequence to do those steps so that Google doesn’t think you’re trying to “game the system.” When you really decide you want to learn web marketing steps, there’s a lot more to it than what any presenter presents on stage or what you’ll read in someone’s 400-word blog post!


Boat Loads of Resources!


An entire suite’s worth of articles, manuals and resources await inside valued at more than $2,000 in itself. We are constantly updating our entire members-only area to stay just a little ahead of current trends and tactics.


What’s the VERY BEST PART of it ALL?


We work the web every day…all day. And, the web changes so rapidly. We’re constantly discovering new techniques, tips, tricks and gotchyas. We incorporate these findings into our worksheets. When we add or change a step, we’ll announce it to everyone on our Level 2 list. All you have to do is review the addition or change and decide if you want to incorporate that new task into your worksheet by adding the task. Or, add the new worksheet and the changes and additions will appear. If it’s important to you to stay on the cutting-edge of what’s hot, what works, and what tanks online, there’s just no single place you can go to be current on all web marketing strategies.


How Can You Contribute and Gain Public Recognition?


Review our worksheets. If you have tasks to add that others would benefit from, or you discover a task that needs to be updated, let us know. We’ll conduct a private review of your suggestion. If it works, we’ll post it in the appropriate worksheet as a step or series of steps…and give you full credit for the steps!


The Results


You are just minutes away from having access to this unique Internet marketing power center. All we know and everything we do is wrapped up into one system to be in your corner to help YOU get control of your business again and move forward.


2 Levels of Membership


Level 1 membership is FREE for LIFE. If you’re curious about our system and just are not quite ready to take the plunge with paid membership yet, at least sign-up for Level 1. You won’t be able to use the worksheets, of course, but you WILL get:


  • Immediate access to our whitepapers (including our hottest download “101 Realistic Methods for Getting Traffic to a Website
  • New articles
  • Archives
  • Resources
  • And, a few basic tools (Headline Generator and Traffic Calculator) that we use daily to give you just a small taste of what you’ll get a lot more of in the Level 2 paid membership.


Level 2 is paid for by the month and we suspect will be the most essential EDUMENTATION (education + implementation) tool you will subscribe to for your business. How do we know? Because, we use the system every day for all of our client projects and our personal websites too!


Here’s What You Get Level 1 Level 2
Web-Based Toolss
Headline Generator
Traffic Estimator
Educational Materials
Audio Basic Advanced
Video Tutorials Basic Advanced
Web Words Resources
Web People You Should Know
Web Events and Conferences Coming Up

ACTION Interactive Worksheets and Check Lists

Web Site Design X
WordPress Website Setup X
Shopping Cart Setup X
Blogging for Business X
Guest Blogging X
Kindle Book Process X
Keyword Research X
SEO On-Page X
SEO Off-Page X
Local Search (Google Places) X
Social Networking – Facebook X
Social Networking – Google+ X
Social Networking – Twitter X
Social Networking – Pinterest X
Social Networking – Twitter X
Newsletter and List Building X
Affiliate Marketing X
Starting Your Own Affiliate Program X
Joint Venturing X
And These are Just the Most Popular Ones!! X


Instant Messaging (IM Chat) Support by HereNextYear Staff X

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Is it Really Worth $99/Month?


We believe the true value of this tool suite is easily worth well over $1,000 per month or more! But, this is only a new product roll out. So, we need to price more competitively to get our main subscriber base and a boatload of testimonials. Then we can expand the system to national awareness and expand the features list even more.


Think of it this way….


If you were to attend a notable web marketing workshop or conference and sat through the instruction from just one speaker on one topic like SEO or Pinterest or Google+, you’d probably agree that a good session would be worth $100, right? Attending 20 quality sessions would be worth $2,000 total. We’re already above the total cost in value for the year just for the educational component.


NOW add-in the fact that this system can be your long-term repository for tracking your progress through each of those worksheets. Suddenly the system becomes much more valuable, doesn’t it?


Can I Get a Refund if I Don’t Like it?


Yes, of course. As much as we’ve tried to explain this tool accurately, it’s easy for US to understand it since we’ve been working with it for a few years now. To someone hearing about it for the first time, we understand how you might start the use of the system and then realize later that it’s not what you thought it was. Let us know within a week and we will issue you a full refund.