Managed WordPress Hosting should be the ONLY type of hosting you’re interested in. Stop thinking so much about how cheap you can get “standard hosting” for and focus on the fact that your main company website is the very HEART of everything you do on the Internet.


If you were to look for a new heart for yourself or a loved one, would you really start at $1 and work your way from there? Of course not! You would find the very best heart for whatever amount of money you could afford…and buy an even better quality heart that might be a bit beyond your budget. But, it would be worth it!


That is how you should approach seeking website hosting using WordPress.


If you have a WordPress website, you should be demanding managed WordPress hosting from your hosting services provider. Any form of website hosting short of “managed WordPress hosting” will leave your website vulnerable to a variety of ways your website could be unexpectedly brought to its knees.


What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a relatively new term that relieves the business owner from the constant maintenance WordPress requires to keep it functional.


What are Managed WordPress Hosting Options Through Here Next Year


We provide two options for hosting WordPress:


Managed WordPress on HereNextYear Dedicated Servers


  • Up to 50 Gb storage*
  • Up to 50 Gb bandwidth usage per month*
  • Daily backups + once per week for one full month
  • Monthly updates/upgrades of WordPress versions and plugins
  • “Emergency” updates of WordPress versions and plugins as we are alerted of global security threats
  • HereNextYear Security Lockdown Package (Our own process for securing WordPress websites)
  • Up to 5 hours* per year of WordPress assistance whether that is making changes for you, training or support.
  • $999/year or $99/month


* Higher level storage, bandwidth and support are available upon request at additional rates.


Managed WordPress at is our reseller account for where we’ve suggested clients to register their domain names for more than ten years now. Technically, GoDaddy uses the same system for its domain name sales, hosting and support. Using our reseller system gives us one more level of support we can offer to our clients. Recently, has added “managed WordPress hosting” to their long-time hosting plans. We never used to recommend BestDomainPlace for hosting websites. But now that they too have web servers configured exclusively for powering WordPress, BestDomainPlace gets our two thumbs up for hosting WordPress as well!


Review Managed WordPress Levels at BestDomainPlace Here >>


You can get a substantial cost reduction in hosting fees by using for your hosting over HereNextYear hosting for sure. And, we encourage you to look into BestDomainPlace for your hosting. But, be aware of two very important differences between these two options:


1. Managed WordPress hosting through BestDomainPlace provides you with automatic updates of WordPress versions but it does NOT automatically update plugins for you. There are nearly a million plugins available for WordPress. It would be impossible and irresponsible for any company to setup an “automated” means of updating plugins for you. When plugins are updated, the entire database and all the WordPress files need to be backed-up first. Then the plugins can be updated. Then, testing needs to occur to assure all the plugins are compatible with each other at the new version. If there is a problem with the plugins, you need to have someone that knows your website and is very skilled with WordPress and plugins operations to troubleshoot and fix the problems. This is a very “manual” process that cannot be automated. So, if you go the BestDomainPlace route, be sure you have someone on staff that can perform plugin updates properly. We will offer to do this for you monthly for $75/month or $750/year.


2. As with all large company website hosting companies like, any time you call in for support, you will be talking to a different person. Some companies get a bit squeamish about having multiple technicians in the pages and database of their websites fixing things. At Here Next Year, we’ve worked with the same trusted helpers for years. We have been trusted with more than 30,000 login passwords and always backup files before touching anything. You will have comfort knowing that the same people will be working inside your website anytime you need us.


Those additional services and personalized attention are worth the additional pricing we offer in our hosting options.